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Issue 4 - The Death of Print!?


Issue 4 - The Death of Print!?


Freestyle Magazine once again sets out to redefine print media and pushes the boundaries of existing formats.

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The digital revolution has turned the world upside down. The traditional print industry is struggling. Why bother going to a shop and buying a printed newspaper, when it is so much easier to read and buy online?

FSM issue 4 has turned to face the digital challenge and throws a frisbee in its face: Along with the usual eclectic mix of articles and features we are exploring further the subject of new digital technology and traditional print media. Analogue versus digital? Issue 4 harnesses the attacker and embraces the challenge by incorporating it within the print magazine. Without giving too much away, issue 4 not only partners up with a plastic frisbee disc but also with your nice new smartphone.

Once again we went for a Wham-o disc. After long brainstorming sessions and many tests, we finally took up the long thought-over idea of giving it the appearance of a vinyl record. On coloured plastic, with an old-school sticker, your issue 4 disc also has a nice surprise for you. Download the Freestyle Magazine app, scan your new Frisbee with your smartphone and see what happens. It’s almost magical!