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Issue 1 - Eley Kishimoto


Issue 1 - Eley Kishimoto


"Game On!"

The first and the original, FreeStyleMagazine Issue 1.

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Issue One, “Game On!”, presents itself inside a fantastic Wham-O Number 10 Mold Frisbee disc with a beautiful design by fashion pattern king and queen, Eley Kishimoto.

This disc is a good one: Back in the day it was the disc often used for freestyle - if you don't know what that means then you will after reading the magazine - It’s also a great throw-and-catch disc with excellent stability and a solid flight pattern, not to mention it being good for boys and good for girls.

This issue is available in 5 colours: White & Black, Black & Gold, Purple & Silver, Orange & Blue, Yellow & Red.