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By The Baltic Shore

jumper: Holland Esquire

jacket: Holland Esquire shirt: Tiger of Sweden pants: Herr von Eden

jacket: Von Bardonitz shirt: Tiger of Sweden pants: Ben Sherman

cardigan: Wood Wood pants: Hien Le

jacket & shirt: Herr von Eden pants: Tiger of Sweden shoes: Fred Perry

collars: Maiami shirt: Hien Le

cardigan: Herr von Eden shirt: Hien Le

photography: René Fietzek styling: Nele Schrinner hair & make up: Sarah Marx @ Perfectprops model: Emil @ M4Models

Ja, Hier!

Most Kids like to do collages. It is an intense way of learning to express your thoughts, feelings and doubts of experienced situations. The process of selection, cut, overlay and stick together is highly entertaining; plus one re-experiences. At best the results are beautiful. Most grown ups stopped doing collages somewhere between braces and university. Luckily 28 years old, Berlin based Janica Hieronimi did not. Ja Hier creates virtual art work in form of high standard prints. The mood of her personal narration ranges from clinical coldness until fluffy and hippie-esque, always maintaing an arc of suspense.

After a kick-off in Travemünde earlier this year tomorrow sees the Vernissage of her second solo exhibition in her hometown Hamburg.

Friday, October 14th // 8:30pm Makrele Bar // Talstraße 29, Hamburg

MyPaperSunglasses #2

MyPaperSunglasses runs off into its 2nd edition.The idea behind the project is simple: participants, artist of all fields, get a thick white paper, cut out in shape of cool shades for customization. The results are extraordinary: from kids-tinker-style over minimalist-handicraft-details until fantastic-oversized-creations every pair is unique and every pair is beautiful. Creative mind behind the project, Brazilian designer Otávio Santiago, explains: “..the sunglasses appear as panels, over which the artist propels his/her peculiar point of view, a very close one: a picture of him/herself that he/she always wanted to see, or, better, to exhibit.”

An outstanding and humorous project.

Exhibition of all new models photographed on their creators plus fashion editorial starts saturday.

06.07.11 // 4-9pm Cartel ZeroOnze, Rua Artur de Azevedo, 517 // Pinheiros // São Paulo


photo: André Bittencourt

Once again the Brazlian brand Coven convinces during Fashion Rio by finding just the right equilibrium of elements that easily could not work out together but result to look fantastic. For spring summer 12 the COVENesque twist  consists of tough, lady and folclorist bases; splendid colours and 90ies. Incredibly well done pattern work on the black and white striped pants. Pay attention to music and shoes!

Watch video after the JUMP.

Garland Coo´s latest coup

“I am very intrigued by the next steps of this duo, may their passion to create persist.”The closure of my first post regards creative duo Garland Coo found its continuation, their latest coup, a Men’s collection. Loyal to their aesthetic and believes the result is breathtaking, dark and soulful. Take a presentiment of fine pattern work and crafted fabrics via those images. Can’t wait to touch the pieces!

Titled, 2011

Berlins oldest school for photography, Der Lette-Verein, hosts its yearly graduation exhibition vernissage tonight.Until June 19th you can see under the name ”titled, 2011” work of 24 alumni in the field of photography and video art. The exhibition will be accompanied by panel discussions about contemporary photography.

Daily 2pm-8pm @ STATTBAD Wedding

ph.: Christoph Mack

ph.: Lydia Hesse

ph.: Dominik Wagner

On Stage

Last night saw the final year catwalk “ON STAGE” from ESMOD Berlin International University of Fashion. The show was held, literally on stage, at Friedrichstadt Palast.

The jury  (including Jury President // Gaspard Yurkievich // Gaspard Yurkievich #CEO Paris, Bruno Collin // Diesel and WAD Mag #Artistic Director of Diesel and Editor of WAD Magazine, Daphne Cousineau // Valentino Couture SAS #Managing Director Paris, Lie Sang Bong // Lie Sang Bong #Créateur Seoul & Paris, Pauline SU // China Fashion Association #President Beijing) chose among 17 participants the following 3 winners:

"Prix Aiguille d'or" Marina Arbenz

"Prix du Jury"  Felix Hupka

"Prix Créateur" Johanna Wennemann

All images courtesy of Wolfgang Philippi.

Moderne Creation München

MCM - Moderne Creation MünchenThe label found in 1976 was an 80ies classic on West Berlins Ku´Damm. One of the first characteristics for fancy chic-ness I knew to identify in my childhood. Lately I saw several interesting (Street) Styles making use of Vintage models, especially in the white blue combination. The story behind the brand is super interesting, stay tuned, I will tell it soon.

Meanwhile have a look on their proposal for AW11.

Borscht 7

The Borscht Film Festival was established in 2004, the brainchild of cinephile high-school students who saw the cinematic potential of their beloved hometown Miami, Florida as something of an untapped resource.The mission: Produce a festival, fully operated by the contributing artists themselves, using  Miami itself as their collective muse.

On April 23rd, 2,100 people were in attendance at Borscht 7 at the Knight Concert Hall in downtown Miami's Adrienne Arsht Center - something that might not have been conceivable not too many years ago. After the success of last year's Borscht 6, several of whose films went on to screen or compete in other festivals like Cannes and Sundance Film Festival, the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation bestowed onto Borscht a two-year $150,000 Knights Award Challenge grant. On the first go the Borscht team ended up commissioning 19 films to be created specifically for Borscht 7 (one didn't make it) and from green-light to finished product, not even 60 days had passed.

For the creators of Borscht, putting Miami on a proverbial cinematic map is as much about highlighting and harnessing individual talent as it is about the stories and the glimpses into essential Miami that each film manages to capture. That particularly Miamian variable could be as obtuse as a Portuguese Man o' War inside of a glowing tank or as bombastic as Spanish programming on television. It takes people who have lived there to extract the delicate eccentricities Miami holds. For years, the city's image has been lost, buried under a heap of appropriated T&A. To get the stories that happen in the real Miami, the one across the bridge from South Beach, you're going to have to go a different kind of native. Here are some of the highlights from Borscht 7:


Julian "Bearclaw” Rodriguez (5 min)

Starting the whole thing off was Julian "Bearclaw" Rodriguez's documentary-style recounting of the theft of his precious boat at the hands of allegedly Cuban canal pirates operating in West Miami. Tug-boat wielding canal pirates is the clay of Miami. Any Miami native can relate to that kind of esoteric touch. But the real star was Rodriguez's own comedic gravitas. From the way he hauls ass down the street, half-naked with a shotgun in hand, to the way he abruptly curtails his story, distracted by cute little canal ducklings - the whole five minutes was totally invigorating. "Piratas" was unexpected and produced more genuine laughs out of me than anything I've seen in a good while. It's levity was infectious and as an opener for Borscht 7, it made one feel like they were in for a good ride.

The Haircut

Artex Productions (5 min)

A man walks into a barbershop looking to do something about his bad haircut following a less than perfect date. He walks in and is greeted by the creepy barber du jour and the feeling hits him instantaneously - there's definitely something amiss in that place. As an audience member I could've told him that what was amiss was getting a haircut at 11 o'clock at night, but as he comes to find out, he has just entered a front for a coven of Matt Le Blanc worshippers.

Otto and the Electric Eel

Duncan Skiles + Andrew Zuchero + Otto von Schirach (6 min)

Cuban/German artist Otto von Schirach stars in "Otto and the Electric Eel," which manages to be both one of the more "out-there" entries at Borscht 7, as well as one of the more conventional. An inter-dimensional eels sparks to life Frankenstein/Kelly Le Brock style as Otto prepares for his impending dinner date. Conventional arch, which made it feel like one of the more true-to-form short films on the docket, while anchored by its strange ability to make the macabre look off-the-wall.

Play Dead

The Meza Brothers + Rachel Goodrich + Amigo the Devil (20 min)

'Homeward Bound' meets 'The Stand' in the Meza Brothers' kinetic envisioning of a Miami torn asunder by a zombie apocalypse, as seen through the eyes of a pack of dogs. Packed with a good dose of zombie gore, Tarantino-like squad member/ doggy profiles, a couple of AK-47s and one hilarious zombie who can't stop walking her dog, the Meza Brothers made quite the argument for bringing Miami down. So what kind of love letter to Miami is this? Well - doesn't it have as much a right to total disaster/zombie movie annihilation as any other Emmerich or Romero torn city? If some ascetic high up in the Alps can get a good disaster scene in last year's '2012', surely a Miami jogger can get what's coming to them too.

*I Am Your Grandma

Jillian Mayer + Michael John Hancock (1 min)

*We as Me in 3-D

Jillian Mayer (1 min)

*Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke

Jillian Mayer + Rakontur + Uncle Luke (7 min)

And then there was performance artist Jillian Mayer's notable triumvirate: "I Am Your Grandma" - a clear crowd favorite, "We as Me in 3-D" and "Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke". "IAYG" is Mayer's ode to her unborn grandchild. The message was clear: 'Your grandma was a freak. You better believe it.' A one-minute googoo ga ga ala Aphex Twin about sums it up.

"We as Me in 3-D" served as a performance art piece that deconstructs and anthropomorphizes 3-D. Could be read as Mayer's way of reverting what many see as a trendy blight in film. Or not.

Her last, "Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke" has Miami's iconic and notorious 2 Live Crew MC enjoying a lollipop as he reflects on changing the rap game, prevailing in the face of the Supreme Court and the burgeoning of Miami under his leadership as Mayor of the city. Eventually, Uncle Luke falls prey to the man once again in a scientific probing experiment that plays like 'Marathon Man' by way of Yo Gabba Gabba. The kiddie TV show set and general artsiness aside, it manages to put some perspective on someone whose use, and some feel - abuse, of the right to free speech helped America to not be such a prude.

We're still not completely sure if Uncle Luke - whose repertoire covers golden oldies such as "Me So Horny", "Face Down, Ass Up" and "Pop That P***y" was serious when he addressed the audience after the final film that night and announced that he did truly have plans to run for Mayor of Miami. As far as the eclectic group of 20-somethings that run the Borscht Film Festival are concerned, he's got their full support.

Text by Alexander Patino, New York City Images by Ciara Osorio