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Get Knotted!

Making Knots or “knotting” goes back to the very beginning of man itself. This ancient art of tying, looping and braiding has helped man through the ages in building, sailing, farming and even decorating.People should not rely on zip´s, pins or superglue to fasten things when a piece of rope and a bit of Knot Knowhow can do the job just the same without spending money or consuming the earths dwindling resources. Here are a few knots to try your hand with. Once you have mastered these then we urge you to explore further this fascinating world of knots. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE KNOTS.

Mooring Hitch

This great knot is useful when mooring your boat in a tidal waterway. As the water level rises or falls you can easily adjust the length of the rope accordingly. If you pull on the drawloop then the knot is unraveled therefore if you make a long line from the drawloop you can untie your boat from onboard- particularly useful when alone in a canoe.

1. Pass the line around where your boat is to be moored to.

2. Make a loop with the end and lay it over the standing part of the line.

3. Make a "bight" in the line- this can be left longer if you need to take the line inside the boat so you can release it from inside.

4. Lead the Bite over-under-over the loop and standing part, in a locking tuck, to create a drawloop that when pulled unravels the knot.