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Getting ready for Beachbreak LIVE.........!!

Not long to go until our first festival in the UK. 20th June will be Beach break live in Newquay where the very nice Beach Break crew have kindly given us a piece of beach to play with. Usual frisbee fun will be had. In the spirit of The baltic sun prayer session we will be spreading some frisbee love to the beautiful beach in Fristral bay. With our usual favourites like "jump on the lump", "Splash Catch" and "Hit the wanker" we will also be showcasing some of the best freestyle frisbee action with players coming from all over europe to join us. We have started work on the WORLDS FIRST EVER DISC PARK and will be showcasing it at this event.

4740 photographs during 1 week in hospital.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQJYdLoX9Rs Epilepsy is not always straightforward. The cause is often unknown, it can be difficult to diagnose and seizures come in many forms. It can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or background. In the Uk over half a million people are living with epilepsy. Special thanks to Dr. Rugg-Gunn and all of the staff at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.


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We are proud and happy to present to you one of the true "Freestylers" out there. He is an artist and a self proclaimed "Discophile" from New York. One of the founding fathers of the frisbee scene there, and the man responsible for the iconic "Six arm man" .

May I introduce to you Gerald Augustine Lynas, also known as "Circus". Few frisbee related images, be it photography video or otherwise, have come close to this piece in terms of the artistry and the impact it has on the viewer.

I was even more surprised to learn that it was in fact a self portrait.

So this is just a small taster article. Should we generate the funds for a new issue we will treat you to some more of his work from his incredible sculpture to his graphic design with the original FPA and WFDF LOGOS, his mind blowing sandsculpture and we´ll also  introduce  you to some of the unique disc games that he invented!


Take a minute to look at the video we made and if you like what you see then order a magazine or even one of our great Circus T-Shirts!



We are back to our beloved Berlin to get the guys together and "She Hannibal" ready for our tour.

Many people ask us why we call her "She Hannibal". Well, our friend and benefactor introduced us to "Hannibal" and we liked her straight away. Although on our way to Paris several years ago we were ruminating on whether "Hannibal" was really a boy or a girl and we came to the conclusion that "Hannibal" was in fact a girl. She was beautiful, fun, could go for ever and had a fridge full of beer. She also has  air horns.

Hence "She Hannibal". Out of respect for our mate Arnd, we just couldn't change the name "Hannibal". So the compromise is "She Hannibal".

She has survived the Berlin winter where temperatures drop to -30 and now she is coming out of hibernation just as the spring shoots up and the birds are singing. She´s in the doctors for a checkup and once we give her a bit of tender loving care she´ll be ready to go in a few days.

We are still to announce our final dates but expect to see us somewhere on the road from Berlin to Newquay where we will be landing on the beach at Beachbreak live festival. More dates to be announced.

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California. The land of surf, sun, skateboards, hula hoops , frisbees and generally all things cool and good looking. Sitting here in England I thought that perhaps this was all just cliche and exaggeration but then I met Scott Starr. With his long blond hair and good looks he is the personification of "Cali cool". He surfs, snowboards , plays freestyle frisbee, once had a weed farm in the mountains, frequently travels down to his land in Mexico and has the biggest and best collection of surf skate  and frisbee imagery on the planet.

He also invented the Tail Devil" and ran a short lived phone sex buisness but you can read more about that in the final printed article in FSM 4!

Perfectly poised at the epicenter of 80s California Scott Starr action sports photographer was shooting Tony Hawk a long time before he was jumping over fire hydrants on the play station. As the skate scene flourished he also turned his lens on the world of professional frisbee, surfing and snowboarding and it wasn't long before his photographs were a regular feature on the cover of  Thrasher magazine.

Scott Starr's work has never been curated up until now because like most retiring and reluctant  artists, he doesn't realize how good he is and like most real artists he doesn't crave backslapping flattery and glory - he just does it and does it well and with passion. Our motto is "Freestyle magazine- for creative people who like to play." Scott Starr seems to be a manifestation of this slogan. He is the personification of freestyle. In fact he is so freestyle that he even coined his own phrase (much lamented since then)  "freekstyle"  where he emblazoned the now obsolete all wood snowboards with his artwork before they were laminated by Chuck Barfoot of Barfoot snowboards. When you look at pictures of boards before that time you won't see artwork on them and so Starr should rightly claim credit as the first to use a snowboards as a canvas for artwork. He could take the credit but he won't.

Like a story an artists career should have a beginning, a middle and end. Their work should naturally flourish. An organic development. By cataloging Starr's work we can see this evolution of his art and the development of his ideas as he photographs and paints the gregarious world that is his. Starting from his raw action shots, moving to atmospheric  surf pictures where he stands back from the throng of photographers to capture the mood and onto the wild neon 80s moments with rotating  plastic and flying sand. Perhaps now we have a glimpse of where his work is going when we look at some of his still life studies of movie reels. Over the years he has amassed an archive of vintage advertisements and movies that he is starting to arrange into compositions to arouse the attentions of pop art aficionados and film buffs alike.

An artist's life colors their work and Starr's story is as colorful as his 80s trousers. He has got the better of a debilitating medical condition that he has had to deal with and now he has slapped it into place. Let's see where his work will take us next. I imagine it will be somewhere sunny, sexy and sandy and ultimately Scott Starr!

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