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Sustainable Cuisine from Food Scraps

Our friend Tommaso Fara has recently come out with this amazing recipe book which he has written with Lisa Casali. What's so special about it is that all the recipes use almost exclusively food scraps. That's right! I'm talking about the stuff you would normally discard and throw in the compost bin, like skin, stems, leaves, pods and even fish bones and fish skin. Sounds uninviting? I promise you it's not. I was lucky enough to be invited to a private presentation dinner and I've tried most of the recipes in the book. They are absolutely delicious!!! Have a look at some of these... Surprise Pods

Aubergine Matchsticks


And finally my favorite... Toasted Fishbones

Design in the Domestic Garden

For one week, from November 29th to December 4th, the eco bookshop Valcucine Milan will host "FATTI PER COLTIVARE".  An international exhibition, curated by designer Stefano Citi and Simone Simonelli, on the tools used in home gardening. A tribute to green creativity and love of plants, half way between design and sociological research.

Eco Bookshop Valcucine Corso Garibaldi, 99 Milano

Cocktail: November 29th

See: http://fattipercoltivare.wordpress.com/

Sponsored by Sustainable Monday, Network for greener cities: www.lunedisostenibili.org