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Foale and Tuffin - Made In England

The new exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum takes us back to the swinging sixties in London, with a retrospective of fashion designers Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin, seen here as they are today: sally and marion

Foale and Tuffin graduated from the Royal College of Art in1961 with the aim to create fun, accessible clothes that they wanted to wear. And this they most definitely achieved. Looking around the exhibition, everything you associate with the ‘60s is here, cute shift dresses, fun prints and snazzy hats.

All these were sold from their own boutique just off Carnaby Street. They even had a celebrity connection as their bags were designed by Mick Fleetwood’s sister, Sally Jess and fellow designer Zandra Rhodes gave them prints to work with, cumulating in, among others, this beautiful domino dress: domino dress Classic Beatles tunes and ‘60s melodies are blasted through the Fashion and Textile Museum as, along with their actual clothes, you take in Foale and Tiffin’s fantastic illustrations and Iconic Vogue covers, along with a replica of their 1960’s boutique. Perhaps not the most well known of 1960’s designers, but Foale and Tuffin’s influence is plain to see, their clothes encapsulate the fun and carefree nature of the decade.

store front illustration

Foale and Tuffin: Made In England is on from 23rd October 2009 – 24th February 2010.