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Crowdfunding 4 creative projects, Kickstarter

The idea behind crowdfunding is that the masses can help you with your project. If many people are willing to place a small financial bet on something, then perhaps it's a good bet. Crowdfunding takes that one step further by actually connecting all those small bets and then funds the initiative, whatever it may be. In our case it´s a movie about Frisbee®, it's hard to believe that there is no documentary film about this little rotating piece of plastic that has brought joy to so many people around the world! The histories of similar alternative sports like Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding have been covered with great documentaries.And Frisbee? This documentary will be a journey into the hearts and minds of the people that started this movement and the subsequent individuals, whom all have paved the way for its continuing global development. The Invisible String will feature the most influential players in the US, Europe and Japan. It's a documentary about their personal stories, the fascination of flight and the joy of play with a flying disc. We follow the footsteps from the very beginnings of pie tin tossing to the biggest international play-togethers of today. We explain why Australians threw orange peels at Frisbee players, why the Japanese love sidearms, and how the Alien Birth Ritual fits into this context? You will find out!

Apart from the overwhelming support from the disc community, we are happy to have signed an international distribution contract with the renowned Boomtown Media Berlin and the production company Joroni Film. The filming and pre-production was supported by the national Mediaboard Berlin/Brandenburg. We have finished shooting and are in the process of post-production. In order to help the movie to take its final steps, the pledged money will go into post-production, music licensing and the final 35mm master-copy of the movie.

The Invisible String will be shown in international movie theaters and screened at film festivals in 2011. JOIN US on this unique trip and become involved with the very first feature-length movie about the joy of play!