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Spongano, Southern Italy. Paul and Jasmine´s Wedding. "Walking the dog" is a new project by FSM Editor in Chief and creative director Jason McGlade. It is a photographic Odyssey following his dog and best friend Ozzy around the world to endeavor to understand himself and the world in which we live in. Their exploits will be serialized on our blog. Tune in again for more adventures. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Dai Jobu Calendar Launch

Calendar_Launch_London_January_2010 1 This January the Maurice Einhardt Neu gallery on Redchurch Street, London is home to an exhibition by Dai Jobu. 'Jan.21,2010' is Jobu's re-imagining of the classic Pirelli calendar where glamour photography and fashion nudes are blended together to make this artistically interpreted garage calendar.

Jobu lists his interests as life, girls, motorbikes, art, fashion and music- in any and all combinations, there was even a motorbike in the already overcrowded gallery space, displaying Jobu's other project of Street Tracker bike customization. As we sipped hot cider and mingled among huge prints of the calendar, another of Jobu's interests and talents was on display, as the band he manages,  PLAYBAND gave a performance to celebrate the launch.

Calendar_Launch_London_January_2010 2

Calendar_Launch_London_January_2010 3

Tate The Biscuit

tate the biscuit 3This weekend, pop down to the Shoreditch Town Hall basement for Tate The Biscuit, an art show put on by the East End Arts Club, with work from street artists, fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers, who this year are all giving their interpretation of proverbs and phrases. The unfurnished, undecorated basement provides a raw event space that perfectly suits the nature of the art on display. It's open until 8pm this evening and 10am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday and is well worth a look.

tate the biscuit 2

tate the biscuit1

tate the biscuit 4