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Say hello to my little friend. Leica M3 Double Stroke with 50mm Summarit f1.5 lens, manual, case and lightmeter.


A woman is always a mystery: one must not be fooled by her face and her hearts inspiration.Edmondo De Amicis


Photography: Jason McGlade @ jasonmcglade.com

Styling: Deborah Latouche @ deborahlatouche.com Hair and Makeup: Keti Nikolova @ Ketimakeup.com using YSL make up and Organic Pharmacy skincare.

Special thanks to Viktoria Neuberger and the East Cliff Hotel, Dover.

By The Baltic Shore

jumper: Holland Esquire

jacket: Holland Esquire shirt: Tiger of Sweden pants: Herr von Eden

jacket: Von Bardonitz shirt: Tiger of Sweden pants: Ben Sherman

cardigan: Wood Wood pants: Hien Le

jacket & shirt: Herr von Eden pants: Tiger of Sweden shoes: Fred Perry

collars: Maiami shirt: Hien Le

cardigan: Herr von Eden shirt: Hien Le

photography: René Fietzek styling: Nele Schrinner hair & make up: Sarah Marx @ Perfectprops model: Emil @ M4Models


"Fiori di menta" Fiori di menta la menta cara mia non si trapianta chi esce dal mio cuore piu´non entra fiori di tutti i fiori fiori di menta

PHOTOGRAPHY JASON MCGLADE www.jasonmcglade.com Styling Deborah Latouche deborahlatouche.com Hair and Makeup Jasmine Stuart Photography assistant Federica Rizzello

Models: Rachele Andrioli . To hear her sing: myspace.com/racheleandrioli. Alessandro Colazzo

Special thanks: Bona Zanazzo for her ongoing support Santino Serinelli at "La Bottega Della Foto" for technical assistance Dr. Fabio Bacille and his family for allowing us into their home.

This project is part of an ongoing photography project called "walking the dog" - to follow the project go to : http://freestylemagazine.co.uk/blog/category/walking-the-dog/

Paul Vickery: Transition

In his latest project Transition, Paul Vickery explores the complexities of teenage identity. While observing a group of street dancers and free runners in a small town in South West England, he felt compelled to record the moment, then spent nearly two years documenting his observations. “As the project evolved I became interested in the period of transition between teenage years and adulthood.. the more subtle ‘in-between’ moments caught my attention, hence the title.”

Paul Vickery TRANSITION Runs October 7 – November 4, 2011 Private View October 6th, 6.30-8.30pm Open Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Bayeux 78 Newman Street London W1T 3EP


Aqua Viva is a small inlet on the coast of Italy. Cold fresh water flows into the warm water of the sea through tiny springs. The Fresh water sits on top of the heavier salt water making for a chilly entry into the sea.(CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO MAKE THEM BIGGER)

“Walking the dog” is a project by FSM Editor in Chief and creative director Jason McGlade. It is a photographic Odyssey following his dog and best friend Ozzy around the world to endeavor to understand himself and the world in which we live in.

MyPaperSunglasses #2

MyPaperSunglasses runs off into its 2nd edition.The idea behind the project is simple: participants, artist of all fields, get a thick white paper, cut out in shape of cool shades for customization. The results are extraordinary: from kids-tinker-style over minimalist-handicraft-details until fantastic-oversized-creations every pair is unique and every pair is beautiful. Creative mind behind the project, Brazilian designer Otávio Santiago, explains: “..the sunglasses appear as panels, over which the artist propels his/her peculiar point of view, a very close one: a picture of him/herself that he/she always wanted to see, or, better, to exhibit.”

An outstanding and humorous project.

Exhibition of all new models photographed on their creators plus fashion editorial starts saturday.

06.07.11 // 4-9pm Cartel ZeroOnze, Rua Artur de Azevedo, 517 // Pinheiros // São Paulo

Berlin Carnival magic

This weekend saw Berlin´s best, hitting the streets to get down and party. As expected from any respectable Berlin happening, there was a colorful array of Characters and faces making for a spectacular menagerie and a voyeur´s dream.

All photographs: Jason McGlade

Titled, 2011

Berlins oldest school for photography, Der Lette-Verein, hosts its yearly graduation exhibition vernissage tonight.Until June 19th you can see under the name ”titled, 2011” work of 24 alumni in the field of photography and video art. The exhibition will be accompanied by panel discussions about contemporary photography.

Daily 2pm-8pm @ STATTBAD Wedding

ph.: Christoph Mack

ph.: Lydia Hesse

ph.: Dominik Wagner

Check & Black

Before it all turns grey we went to the woods for some coloured check & black.

overall: Henrik Vibskov / jacket: Tiger of Sweden / slipper: Fratelli Rossetti

coat: Henrik Vibskov / longsleeve: Weekday / pants: Firma

longsleeve: Weekday / pants: Firma

shirt: Tiger of Sweden / sequin pants: Adidas ObyO Jeremy Scott / tie: Drykorn

collar: Firma / shirt: Onitsuka Tiger

collar: Firma / shirt: Onitsuka Tiger/ pants: A.D.Deertz

shirt: Firma / longsleeve & pants: Weekday / bow tie pin: Mühlbauer

waistcoat & pants: Herr von Eden / shirt: Wood Wood / sweater as scarf: Cheap Monday

coat: A.D.Deertz / socks: Burlington / slipper: Moreschi for Budapester

jacket & shirt: Firma / tie & bow tie: Herr von Eden / cotton pants: Weekday

scarf: Cheap Monday

scarf: Cheap Monday / woollen pants: Weekday / shoes: 6 9 28 91

photography: René Fietzek / styling: Nele Schrinner / model: Patrick @ UMAscouting

Get A Life

Submitted by Arkan Zakharov

Images create thoughts and feelings, in a different way than words do; even if both tell the same story. If I read about hungry children it makes me sad, if I see a picture of undernourished children it might make me cry and I m going to have this image in my head for a few days at least. Now this is quite an explicit example but what about more abstract images? Our imagination is jolted and each person finds their very own interpretation. The other way around with words, reading about something our mind and subconscious constantly generate images based on experiences, so called knowledge, projections and dreams. To change the order of watching/reading reading/watching can make an interesting difference in our conclusion, unfortunately it is not possible to exercise both ways on the same example.

This was a very short process of thinking, after thinking you should take a position and after having a position you should take action. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee Jeans aim to encourage interaction and individuality, for this they provide you with an online platform to speak up. 100 Days of Active Resistance shows an image per day selected among your submissions.

Today is #37 so there are still 63 days left for all of you.

“The principle idea of Active Resistance is that you get out of life what you put in and that real experience of the world involves thinking” – Vivienne Westwood.

All images shown in this post have a text/theme/slogan. You will have the time of a few clicks to feel and think about them, besides the preconceived ideas by naming who submitted, until you read it in the gallery.

Submitted by Susie Bubble, Style Bubble

Submitted by Alister Mackie,  AnOther Men


Ivorylight – a personal selection of authentic and dynamic photographs by the berlin based photographer Nadine Elfenbein.

Light is a passion for Nadine Elfenbein. The Berlin based photographer knows exactly how to reflect the dynamic of her motifs.

She reflects her enviroment and the surrounding culture in a very personal direct and touching imagery. Always on the search to find the true essence of urban realities she turnes her camera light on the changing relationship between humans and the city, on urban arising and passing. Thus, the photographer takes the visitors on a journey to undiscovered places and people of the ubiquitous urban jungle.

Exhibition Opening October 21st, 8-11pm @ the flashgib Gallery, Stuttgart Ongoing until November 19th.