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I am starting a new photography project called "Freedom" and I am interested to know what you do to be "Free" or what you would like to do. Click on the pictures to enlarge and your comments are welcome

The life of a working dog.

If you are lucky enough to have an issue of FSM you will see that in our Masthead we have a "Magazine dog" which most of you know is Ozzy the Australian Cattle Dog. Well Ozzy doesnt get this prestigious job title by being cool and fluffy- he actually works hard for his dinner. Seen here delivering Issue Three magazines (yes in Pizza boxes)Buy yours today and make sure Ozzy eats

The Secret Police Adventure

I stumbled across a blog where this guy was sneaking into cool, empty and historical buildings (and they are many) in and around Berlin, making pictures, relaying his experience in a well written prose and then marking the adventure with a Difficulty rating out of ten with information on how to get in, dangers and what to bring. He left no traces apart from dusty footprints and his reports are well written and informative. So I contacted him. Lets just say i contacted him and for legal reasons we leave it at that. Follow this link Make sure to look at part two and three also. Enjoy!