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FRISBEE ANYONE? Ok so the weather is shit but that doesn't stop my Berlin friends from playing. Anybody out there wanna hook up in London? Beginners particularly welcome. Lets spread the jam in the UK. Action will probably center around Victoria park that has recently been pimped due to the Olympics. If you cant make it but know some people who may want to play then point them towards me or Freestyle magazine FACEBOOK group. Jason

Bln-Jammers 123-four Seasons Hut Tournament

What else should a jammer do on April 30th than celebrating spring with the annual Spring Edition of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament.

Located on the Berlin-Tempelhof Airfield with constant wind and green grass dozens of Berlin Jammers are waiting for You!

Location: We will meet in the North-East close the Cafe. Exact Location follow this link -->

Schedule: Saturday, April 30th 11 am Player Meeting with Team Randomization 12 am first round 6 pm finals 8 pm dinner 11 pm party

Sunday, May 1st Deep jamming around Berlin ..

For further information and Berlin-Jammers "Hut-Tournament" history visit the Berlin-Jammers blog --> http://www.berlin-jammers.de/

Super Glue Inventor Harry Wesley Coover Dies

Harry Wesley Coover Jr., the inventor of Super Glue, has died. He was 94. Coover died Saturday at his home in Kingsport, Tennessee. He was working for Tennessee Eastman Company when an accident helped lead to the popular adhesive being discovered. In 1951, Coover and another researcher recognized the potential for the strong adhesive, and it was first sold in 1958, according to the Super Glue’s website. President Barack Obama honored Coover in 2010 with the National Medal of Science. Coover also had a part in early television history, appearing with Garry Moore for “I’ve got a Secret.” Moore, the show’s host, and Coover were hung in the air on bars that were stuck to metal supports with a single drop of his glue during a live broadcast.

The use of "super-glue" became essential in the history of Freestyle-Frisbee. To develop their techniques, Freestylers started to glue "Fake Nails" on their finger to improve their Moves & Tricks. The longer and harder nail reduced friction making the disc spin faster and enabling freestylers to do longer "delays" especially inside the rim of the disc. Combining the "Fake Nails" with some pure silicon-spray created an explosive variety in the world of frisbee moves. Nowadays almost all Freestyle players glue fake nails onto their real nails although there are still some players out there who play without. This goes to show:with or without nails- everyone is able to do cool tricks. With a frisbee there are no limits!

I'm sure many of us owe Dr. Coover big time for keeping our nails on all these years!

Spread the Jam!

Sick of the cold? Aren’t we all! Why not get yourself over to sunny California for Freestyle Jam Camp? Taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of January 2010 in Los Angeles anyone from complete Frisbee rookie to practiced player looking to pick up some new skills can take part in this fantastic event.


A team of World Champions and Professional Frisbee disc experts will be on hand to help teach new skills and throws with a range of workshops throughout the weekend tailored to your needs and skill level.

There will also be presentations from Dave Lewis and Dan “Stork” Roddick to give you a little inspiration as well as a yoga workshop to limber you up!

All this sounds great, don’t you agree? However, In order for Jam Camp to go ahead we need supporters to pledge funds. Already with more than $400 dollars pledged, the project looks good to go, but at least $500 is needed in order for the project to be given the final go ahead.

To donate please click here. For every dollar donated, the Freestyle Players Association will match up to $1000, so every donation made will be doubled!

So swap your scarf and mittens for acrylic nails and a headband and we’ll see you where the sun is shining!

Graphic- Freestyle Jam Camp