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This weekend its the VICKY JAM.  The first frisbee get together at Victoria park, London. Situated next to the Olympic park this hot spot is guaranteed to be a big jam zone during the Summer. In preparation come down and learn some new tricks,throws and catches. We will also introduce some all new games like "Shot disc" for all of those who like to "hydrate " and play.

Bring some refreshments and dont forget – keep it stylish- see photos for style-tips.  Frisbees supplied.

special guests in attendance

The Invisible String World Premiere

The Invisible String Frisbee Documentary will premire in Berlin on the 22nd of April at the ACHTUNG BERLIN Filmfestval at prime time.... 20:00. This film will show you all the aspects of this unique object. Be quick and get your ticket today. The aftershow party is just steps away from the Babylon movie theatere at the "Grüner Salon". The Party starts at 22:30. For more Informations check the movie website: "THEINVISIBLESTRING.net"


We were given the amazing opportunity to take part in the 5th Year anniversary celebrations at the Luxembourg Museum of modern art; or MUDAM. Aside from making an exhibition of flying discs and presenting my photography portfolio we also had full access to the grounds and Museum to shoot a video. We wanted to follow up on our success of "Urban Disc invasion" with another belter where we bounce discs off walls, artwork, people and whatever inspires us or gets in our way- and the weekend saw a lot of inspiration indeed. We started the weekend warming up with the Luxembourg populous outside of the She Hannibal which was parked in the beautiful grounds of the Museum. Mudam is built on-top of fort Thüngen and cost over 100 Million to build. Even so the FSM crew got to climb all over the place and throw discs about, in our pursuit to make a great film. She Hannibal sat right in front of the fort on a stretch of grass overlooking the whole of the city and once we got the 7 inch records on the turntables and blasted out some Northern Soul music we felt very much at home. And it didn't stop there: the guys at MUDAM treated us like VIP´s. We had Anna Loporcaro taking care of our every need while Stina was on hand always with her cool and relaxed demeanor. In-fact all of the staff from catering to security to Museum Guides embraced us and made us feel like kings. This goes to show that the old anecdote is true about how atmosphere filters down from the top and at the top is Enrico Lunghi the Museum director who was open minded enough to welcome us in his Museum. I was very proud indeed to get recognition for the magazine from such prestigious people. Saturday saw the celebrations proper with an amazing line up of entertainment, free flowing champagne and tasty food. Many people came to relax on our She Hannibal carpet,sit on her rooftop terrace or just throw Discs around. The lads were great and we made a lot of friends that night. Inside the Museum hung over 100 discs from 1960 onwards with corresponding trivia and facts. Finally our sport is being recognized as an art form- something maintained by players since the 70´s. After much fun and laughter we retired to our grass behind the Museum to settle in and get ready for Sunday´s Frisbee action. Sunday morning saw glorious weather and a good turn out from the luxembourg people who brought picnics and blankets. I think on that day we brought many people into the sport- particularly kids -who enjoyed the workshops and games and girls who seemed to enjoy watching the lads play Frisbee! If you have not yet seen "Urban Disc invasion" then click HERE ...and watch out for the new video coming  soon!


PHOTOGRAPHS BY Anton Capellmann and Jason McGlade

Bln-Jammers 123-four Seasons Hut Tournament

What else should a jammer do on April 30th than celebrating spring with the annual Spring Edition of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament.

Located on the Berlin-Tempelhof Airfield with constant wind and green grass dozens of Berlin Jammers are waiting for You!

Location: We will meet in the North-East close the Cafe. Exact Location follow this link -->

Schedule: Saturday, April 30th 11 am Player Meeting with Team Randomization 12 am first round 6 pm finals 8 pm dinner 11 pm party

Sunday, May 1st Deep jamming around Berlin ..

For further information and Berlin-Jammers "Hut-Tournament" history visit the Berlin-Jammers blog --> http://www.berlin-jammers.de/

Crowdfunding 4 creative projects, Kickstarter

The idea behind crowdfunding is that the masses can help you with your project. If many people are willing to place a small financial bet on something, then perhaps it's a good bet. Crowdfunding takes that one step further by actually connecting all those small bets and then funds the initiative, whatever it may be. In our case it´s a movie about Frisbee®, it's hard to believe that there is no documentary film about this little rotating piece of plastic that has brought joy to so many people around the world! The histories of similar alternative sports like Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding have been covered with great documentaries.And Frisbee? This documentary will be a journey into the hearts and minds of the people that started this movement and the subsequent individuals, whom all have paved the way for its continuing global development. The Invisible String will feature the most influential players in the US, Europe and Japan. It's a documentary about their personal stories, the fascination of flight and the joy of play with a flying disc. We follow the footsteps from the very beginnings of pie tin tossing to the biggest international play-togethers of today. We explain why Australians threw orange peels at Frisbee players, why the Japanese love sidearms, and how the Alien Birth Ritual fits into this context? You will find out!

Apart from the overwhelming support from the disc community, we are happy to have signed an international distribution contract with the renowned Boomtown Media Berlin and the production company Joroni Film. The filming and pre-production was supported by the national Mediaboard Berlin/Brandenburg. We have finished shooting and are in the process of post-production. In order to help the movie to take its final steps, the pledged money will go into post-production, music licensing and the final 35mm master-copy of the movie.

The Invisible String will be shown in international movie theaters and screened at film festivals in 2011. JOIN US on this unique trip and become involved with the very first feature-length movie about the joy of play!


To celebrate the launch of FSM issue two friends and competitors came together from around europe for "the Baltic Sun Prayer Session" our first Frisbee festival on the windy shores of the Baltic sea.

The team arrived earlier on in the week in our beloved She Hannibal to prepare the event and test the wind. We were amazed by the weather that went from fierce blustery wind to rich blue skies and hot sun to rolling blue clouds full of thunder and lightning. The wind moved from a gentle steady breeze to crazy blustery bursts and flat level conditions. On the strength of this knowledge we prepared for the weekend with this unpredictable weather in mind. Players started arriving from Thursday - our first guest being Pavel Baranyk who hitch hiked the whole way from Prague to be with us. Remarkably he managed to get a ride that took him to the gates of the campsite! By Friday most of our guests were there and colored plastic could be seen flying through the air as we prepared for the nights revelries. Because of the turbulent weather we had the foresight to erect a huge Red Cross tent built to resist even the strongest of winds that the Baltic had to offer which was good because once the sun started to drop the wind picked up sending sand and frisbees along the coast. We fastened down the flaps, opened the bar and got the music on and the party going.

It was a fantastic evening of dancing , laughing and drinking in a big tent in the middle of a windy beach. We partied till the early hours emerging from the tent into the elements and back to our campsite 300 meters along the beach. The next morning the campsite woke up to the small of fresh coffee and eggs emerging from she hannibal as the FSM crew got the breakfast on. Right in-front of us we had a nice size field of grass where people ate breakfast, played some frisbee and prepared for the day ahead.

Once again the weather was changeable- big stormy clouds and wind followed by rich blue sky and hot sunshine. We all went to the main tent on the beach and the tournament started. The wind was very challenging testing even the more controlled players to their limits but after a full day of freestyle we saw some good stuff going down. We also tried our hand at a new game called "jump on the lump". Invented by Toby Canone, Noetzi, and myself on a previous recon.

The game has two parts: the first part involves making a gigantic sand lump almost 2 meters high. We all had a great time decorating it with multicolored frisbees and making it pretty - the final thing was quite a spectacle. The second part involves running as fast as you can, jumping as high as you can and making a spectacular catch onto the lump from a serve given by alternative people (lumpers).

The game rotates as a one "lumper" falls off the other side of the lump joining the servers and the next person jumps on the lump.

FreeStyle, Ultimate , Golf, Guts and all of the tried and tested disc games are great but Jump on the lump kicks the arse out of all of them (apart from freeStyle). Everyone got involved- Ozzy included who made a great lump catch but then wouldn't get off the lump. - pros and spectators alike joined in to remind us what Frisbee is all about- fun and showing off. After a superb day we all returned to camp for a feed and a hot shower and to change into our dancing shoes ready for the evening.

We had live music from Sabine and Arne and DJ Toondra spun funky electro house to the delight of the Czechs who got the dance floor rocking with their crazy dance moves. There was a nice mix of players and potential players and the boy to girl ratio was very good - enough to ensure that the boys were really pulling the dance moves out of the bag. The drinks were flowing and the laughs were loud and again we partied till the early hours- some (Holger, Anton and Pille) even until the late morning!

The Finals - we decided to play the finals on the grass directly in-front of the She Hannibal which was perfect as we could put her air horn and melody horn to good use throughout the competition.

Play was good as everyone had the chance to work in more favorable conditions - the campsite was protected from the wind by the trees.

A perfect place for a beach tournament with a grass field bang center of the campsite should the beach be too windy. We closed the games with an extravagant awards ceremony and thousands of Euros of quality prizes kindly given to us by our sponsors Bench and Retro Super Future Sunglasses. Further prizes were provided by our partners Discmania, Wulle Bier and of course FreeStyleMagazine.

A special prize went to all of the ladies who came keeping our sport a little less geeky.

Travis and Leif took the "old school " award with their high energy and flowing routine reminiscent of days gone by when the nail delay was just another trick .

Jean won the Jump on the Lump competition with incredible agility and lump destroying mid air maneuvers. He won a limited edition Lazertits T-shirt.

FreeStyle went to Kolja and Waldi in a very close final that saw Bi Bi and Tim in second and third place went to Tournament director Toby "Canone" and Jan Schreck.

Jean won the MTA with a beautiful hovering throw sending our pink issue two fastback flying through the air for 9.52 seconds followed by Greg catch then Mahony. And last but certainly not least the style prize went to Holger for his incredible funky dress sense and he went away happy with a beautiful pair of Retro Super Future Sunglasses.

A massive shout out goes to Tom and Dirk from Kulasurf, Crisi and her bar staff who provided drinks and glamour for the whole weekend while a personal thank you goes to the FSM crew (Massi and Ollie came all of the way from Italy) who worked hard to make this tournament something very special in a year full of amazing frisbee events and during a time when we are all so busy trying to make this magazine work. kisses and hugs to everyone. FSM.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY Philipp Maubach

FSM # 2 Launch

Last Friday saw the launch of our NOW AVAILABLE PAUL SMITH COLLABORATION ISSUE, FSM #2 at the infamous Bar 25. After a lovely trip on the Spree on Captain Jan Sputnik’s boat the team arrived to set up a small exhibition of pages of the brand new mag with the help of Uli Weber, who shot the Alexis fashion editorial for the current issue. Helping hands everywhere and then a nice dinner.

The line up was inimitable, starting the evening with some funky tunes by Johnny Hitmann. Already everybody dancing with the incredible live performance of Onyx Ashanti and to keep on rocking all night long with Sasse and the Degustibus DJ Team (Batongo, Rubini, Toondra) in their fantastic outfits.

The night was a blast, go ahead and take a look yourself.

Berlin Jammers in action next to our beloved Shehannibal.

Degustibus DJ Team & Family.

Our lovely Hoola Hoop mates.

Onyx Ashanti in the house.

DJ Toondra.

Golden Charly Boxing Beautie.


Some glam among the sport.

Warming chill out fire.

photography: Marina Rosso






Issue 2 is here!!

Issue Two is here! After a very challenging time distributing, marketing and selling – we have managed to put together a magazine that once again will turn heads and see frisbees flying through the air.

We have raised our contributor profile so that we are working with photographers such as Uli weber and Jonah Samson, Stylists such as Grace Woodward and an array of talented artists, writers and illustrators.

But aside from a fantastic magazine we have a fantastic Frisbee! We are exited to tell you that our Issue two “fastback” model frisbee carries a wonderful design by Sir Paul Smith. The disc has the classic Pantone 806c pink- a favorite of Sir Paul and carries the slogan “Take Pleasure Seriously” in a metallic silver and also with his easily recognizable signature in the middle of the disc. This issue promises to be a true design collectable.

Buy one here!!!

FSM Open Tempelhof

What an amazing time we had at Tempelhof airport lat weekend! The gates of the runway were opened up for the public to fly kites, ride bikes, skate, play football and of course Frisbee.

She Hannibal was in attendance to make sure FSM was well represented and loads of Jammers came to show off their skills to the public who got the chance to join in with the fun and games.

We had Frisbee Golf, Maximum Time Aloft, Double Disc Court, Double Trouble and of course some FreeStyle action

The Jammers were happy playing on the nice soft grass and I heard some of them talking about "Porno Wind" to describe the great conditions for Frisbee play!

Photography: Anton Capellmann, Phillip Maubach, Greg Catch.

FSM goes to the Airport

This Saturday the historical Tempelhof Airport in Berlin will open its gates up to the people in an open day park festival. More than 100,000 people are expected to come and enjoy the fields of the airport in a festival of kites, skate, bikes, football, picnics and of course FRISBEE!! So once again The Berlin jammaZ meets FSM with our beloved she hannibal tour bus for chilling, spinning and tomfoolery!! Come and join us - we will be making workshops with some of the worlds top players on hand to show us their stuff.

Bring a picknick and smile. See you on Saturday from 10am. FSM

Issue 2 Preview!

Dear Freestyle Friends,

After the huge success of FreeStyle Magazine issue 1, I am very happy and proud to give you a sneak preview of our next issue. After a very challenging time distributing, marketing and selling - we have managed to put together a magazine that once again will turn heads and see Frisbees flying through the air.

We have raised our contributor profile so that we are working with photographers such as Uli Weber and Jonah Samson, Stylists such as Grace Woodward and an array of talented artists, writers and illustrators.

But aside from a fantastic magazine we have a fantastic Frisbee! As you will know from issue one we work with contemporary freestyle minded people to make the design for our magazine disc. And I am exited to tell you that our Issue two "fastback" model Frisbee carries a wonderful design by Sir Paul Smith.

The disc has the classic Pantone 806c pink- a favorite of Sir Paul and carries the slogan "Take Pleasure Seriously" in a metallic silver and also with his easily recognizable signature in the middle of the disc. This issue promises to be a true design collectable.

FreeStyle Magazine Issue two will be released on the 28th May with an extravagant launch party at Berlin's infamous Bar 25 and followed up with our "Beach Launch" where we will party, play and test out our new disc on the shores of the Baltic Sea at our "Baltic Sun Prayer Session". Take a look at our website and Facebook to get some more details and if you would like an invitation to the party then just write back to me and I will put you on the list.

I would be very happy if you could spread the word about the new issue. If you require further image material then just ask.

All the best,


FSM Baltic Sun Prayer Session

Disc-sports are recently seeing a gigantic resurgence in interest and right at the top of this wave are the Berlin Jammers and our Prague friends. We have decided to host our very own Beach event on the shores of the Baltic Sea on June 11th-13th. The FreeStyle Magazine "Baltic Sun Prayer Session" will be the first Frisbee tournament of it´s kind!

We have secured an incredible location on a beautiful stretch of beach where we can jam as well as swim, party and build fires. Directly behind the beach is a campsite with places for tents and if you are in the mood to splash out there are affordable bungalows available.

Alongside our Freestyle Frisbee tournament there will be classic Frisbee games such as MTA, Golf, Double Trouble, Accuracy and more.

If you wanna try surfing our partner Kulasurf can help you.

Our Berlin Hoola Hoop friends are in attendance and some top level DJ´s will play the finest tunes to you from top of our beloved She Hannibal. We will all feast on our specially prepared BBQ.

Through FreeStyle Magazine and its related events we spread the Jam, bringing Frisbee to creative people who like to play. With a big promotion in Rostock we will invite the local people to join us, watch us play and most importantly to TAKE PART. There will be workshops and demos and a "Funny Disc Golf" game to introduce the sport to the general public. At FSM we are putting our heads together to think about new and unusual games we could play. Suggestions from Jammers are welcome.

Keep an eye out for further updates on Baltic Sun Prayer Session.

The sun rises in the east.