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We are proud and happy to present to you one of the true "Freestylers" out there. He is an artist and a self proclaimed "Discophile" from New York. One of the founding fathers of the frisbee scene there, and the man responsible for the iconic "Six arm man" .

May I introduce to you Gerald Augustine Lynas, also known as "Circus". Few frisbee related images, be it photography video or otherwise, have come close to this piece in terms of the artistry and the impact it has on the viewer.

I was even more surprised to learn that it was in fact a self portrait.

So this is just a small taster article. Should we generate the funds for a new issue we will treat you to some more of his work from his incredible sculpture to his graphic design with the original FPA and WFDF LOGOS, his mind blowing sandsculpture and we´ll also  introduce  you to some of the unique disc games that he invented!


Take a minute to look at the video we made and if you like what you see then order a magazine or even one of our great Circus T-Shirts!


How is your disc collection going?

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a well designed flying piece of plastic and here at FSM HQ we have quite a collection. Easy to hang with a single nail, a frisbee will bring instant color and design flair to your empty wall. As your collection grows you will see that a grouping of multi colored circular objects mounted closely together in your office or apartment will make an instant focal point for your guests to peruse upon. While should you get a sudden unexpected spurt of energy you can pull one off the wall and practice your chest rolls. FSM issue 1,2 and 3 all have beautifully designed wham-o discs by famous designers on quality plastic. They look great on the wall or on your chest! Have a look at them on our  website.

The Invisible String World Premiere

The Invisible String Frisbee Documentary will premire in Berlin on the 22nd of April at the ACHTUNG BERLIN Filmfestval at prime time.... 20:00. This film will show you all the aspects of this unique object. Be quick and get your ticket today. The aftershow party is just steps away from the Babylon movie theatere at the "Grüner Salon". The Party starts at 22:30. For more Informations check the movie website: "THEINVISIBLESTRING.net"


Photograph by Mike Fluitt

Erwin Velasquez "tipping" the disc. 1977

Erwin and his brother Jenns astounded crowds in the 1970s and 1980s with their fast and fluid routines and with their incredibly ripped bodies. Take a look at you tube girls, for some video action of the bros.

From the Frisbee Archive: Win a Car!

We dug deep into the archive to find this jewel- which is a newspaper cutting from some time in the seventies (judging by the dudes bell bottom trousers) The tall guy is Dan "Stork" Roddick - a legend in the Frisbee world who still plays today. The hippy dude- not so sure about, but it seems The Stork just won a wicked car for his amazing frisbee skills. Rock on.


Ashley first gained notoriety on August 4, 1974 when Stein, then a 19-year-old college student, smuggled him into Dodger Stadium during a nationally televised baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds. Stein jumped the fence and went onto the baseball field with Ashley, where he threw discs for the dog to catch. The crowd was in awe at Ashley's disc-catching ability, as he ran up to 35 miles per hour and leaped 9 feet in the air to snag the Frisbees.The stunt was so novel that the game was stopped and Joe Garagiola continued to announce the flying disc action on the field. Finally, after eight minutes, Stein was escorted off the field and arrested.The nationally televised exhibition of Ashley's skill did much to fuel interest in the disc dog sport. Check out our Issue three DOG DISC from Matthew Williamson.