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JASON McGlade Exhibition.

Following the success of FreeStyleMagazine, Founder and Creative director Jason Mcglade has returned to his photographic roots to embark on his intrepid project "walking the Dog" -a journey of discovery with a dog- sees McGlade traveling with his constant companion and best friend Ozzy- to examine and explore cultures and society from around the world. The intrepid duo have briefly returned to their home port of Berlin to present the first two chapters in this odyssey with candid documentary photography and two new fashion stories created in Italy and the UK. Guests can also glimpse into the world from an Ozzy point of view through the lens of the "Oz cam" that Ozzy has been wearing during their travels.

Paul Vickery: Transition

In his latest project Transition, Paul Vickery explores the complexities of teenage identity. While observing a group of street dancers and free runners in a small town in South West England, he felt compelled to record the moment, then spent nearly two years documenting his observations. “As the project evolved I became interested in the period of transition between teenage years and adulthood.. the more subtle ‘in-between’ moments caught my attention, hence the title.”

Paul Vickery TRANSITION Runs October 7 – November 4, 2011 Private View October 6th, 6.30-8.30pm Open Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Bayeux 78 Newman Street London W1T 3EP

MyPaperSunglasses #2

MyPaperSunglasses runs off into its 2nd edition.The idea behind the project is simple: participants, artist of all fields, get a thick white paper, cut out in shape of cool shades for customization. The results are extraordinary: from kids-tinker-style over minimalist-handicraft-details until fantastic-oversized-creations every pair is unique and every pair is beautiful. Creative mind behind the project, Brazilian designer Otávio Santiago, explains: “..the sunglasses appear as panels, over which the artist propels his/her peculiar point of view, a very close one: a picture of him/herself that he/she always wanted to see, or, better, to exhibit.”

An outstanding and humorous project.

Exhibition of all new models photographed on their creators plus fashion editorial starts saturday.

06.07.11 // 4-9pm Cartel ZeroOnze, Rua Artur de Azevedo, 517 // Pinheiros // São Paulo


We were given the amazing opportunity to take part in the 5th Year anniversary celebrations at the Luxembourg Museum of modern art; or MUDAM. Aside from making an exhibition of flying discs and presenting my photography portfolio we also had full access to the grounds and Museum to shoot a video. We wanted to follow up on our success of "Urban Disc invasion" with another belter where we bounce discs off walls, artwork, people and whatever inspires us or gets in our way- and the weekend saw a lot of inspiration indeed. We started the weekend warming up with the Luxembourg populous outside of the She Hannibal which was parked in the beautiful grounds of the Museum. Mudam is built on-top of fort Thüngen and cost over 100 Million to build. Even so the FSM crew got to climb all over the place and throw discs about, in our pursuit to make a great film. She Hannibal sat right in front of the fort on a stretch of grass overlooking the whole of the city and once we got the 7 inch records on the turntables and blasted out some Northern Soul music we felt very much at home. And it didn't stop there: the guys at MUDAM treated us like VIP´s. We had Anna Loporcaro taking care of our every need while Stina was on hand always with her cool and relaxed demeanor. In-fact all of the staff from catering to security to Museum Guides embraced us and made us feel like kings. This goes to show that the old anecdote is true about how atmosphere filters down from the top and at the top is Enrico Lunghi the Museum director who was open minded enough to welcome us in his Museum. I was very proud indeed to get recognition for the magazine from such prestigious people. Saturday saw the celebrations proper with an amazing line up of entertainment, free flowing champagne and tasty food. Many people came to relax on our She Hannibal carpet,sit on her rooftop terrace or just throw Discs around. The lads were great and we made a lot of friends that night. Inside the Museum hung over 100 discs from 1960 onwards with corresponding trivia and facts. Finally our sport is being recognized as an art form- something maintained by players since the 70´s. After much fun and laughter we retired to our grass behind the Museum to settle in and get ready for Sunday´s Frisbee action. Sunday morning saw glorious weather and a good turn out from the luxembourg people who brought picnics and blankets. I think on that day we brought many people into the sport- particularly kids -who enjoyed the workshops and games and girls who seemed to enjoy watching the lads play Frisbee! If you have not yet seen "Urban Disc invasion" then click HERE ...and watch out for the new video coming  soon!


PHOTOGRAPHS BY Anton Capellmann and Jason McGlade


We were asked to show FSM at Luxembourg´s premier concept store, Capsule. It was a great way to warm up for the Mudam Birthday weekend and meet some of the cities finest. When we rolled up in She Hannibal- melody horns twinkling and air horn blowing we certainly turned heads. It was a good start to our adventure and we met some great people but by eleven we had the she Hannibal already parked up on the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art and prepared for a great weekend of filming and fun.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R21GbZzoLo We have been invited to present FSM at the fifth anniversary of the MUDAM Luxembourg museum of modern art. We will once again make our frisbee disc and magazine exhibition and a party bang in the center of the city. The museum was so impressed by our last video that they have asked us to do our stuff inside the building-the ultimate marriage between Flying discs and art! More info will follow. Dates from 30th June till 4th July-

Titled, 2011

Berlins oldest school for photography, Der Lette-Verein, hosts its yearly graduation exhibition vernissage tonight.Until June 19th you can see under the name ”titled, 2011” work of 24 alumni in the field of photography and video art. The exhibition will be accompanied by panel discussions about contemporary photography.

Daily 2pm-8pm @ STATTBAD Wedding

ph.: Christoph Mack

ph.: Lydia Hesse

ph.: Dominik Wagner

Play On Words - Exhibition

Play On Words / Giochi Di Parole is an exhibition about ideas, how they take shape and how they make a difference to our clients’ businesses.

The goal is to expose the design process and bring it into the physical realm.

Each project displayed looks at the relationship between language, context and meaning: from the playful typographic approach of the Freestyle Magazine titles, to the more rigorous work for corporate clients, the common denominator is always the manipulation of language and the exploration of its context to unveil the unique idea that is at the heart of a brief.


In colaboration with:  FreeStyleMagazineCustard Studio, Peter Oliver Davies

Press Release:  Download

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Location:  C12, Via Cerano 12, 20144 Milano

Date:  26 May at 18:30 - 05 June at 23:00


L'Homme Armè

In occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2011, Freestyle Magazine’s very own Peter Oliver Davies will be exhibiting a selection of sculpture and sketch-work at Cerano Dodici, in the Tortona Design District.

12- 17th April 2011

C12, Via Cerano 12, 20144 Milan

Press & Inaugurazione: 6-10pm, Monday 11th April




Saturday saw the press launch of FreeStyleMagazine Issue three at the sumptuous SOHO HOUSE BERLIN. It was a fantastic evening of soulful music from Disc Jockeys Jan Joswig and Jama with cool drinks served by Fabio and his team in the opulent library. A special thank you goes to Dominic Hofer, the Hotel Sales Manager and all of his staff who made us all so very welcome.

Thank you to EGGERS & FRANKE who provided us with our tasty Bellini aperitivo.

Design in the Domestic Garden

For one week, from November 29th to December 4th, the eco bookshop Valcucine Milan will host "FATTI PER COLTIVARE".  An international exhibition, curated by designer Stefano Citi and Simone Simonelli, on the tools used in home gardening. A tribute to green creativity and love of plants, half way between design and sociological research.

Eco Bookshop Valcucine Corso Garibaldi, 99 Milano

Cocktail: November 29th

See: http://fattipercoltivare.wordpress.com/

Sponsored by Sustainable Monday, Network for greener cities: www.lunedisostenibili.org