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Creative works were funded this way for centuries.

Mozart, Beethoven, Whitman, Twain, and other artists funded works in similar ways — not just with help from large patrons, but by soliciting money from smaller patrons, often called subscribers. In return for their support, these subscribers might have received an early copy or special edition of the work. Kickstarter is an extension of this model, turbocharged by the web.



We are back to our beloved Berlin to get the guys together and "She Hannibal" ready for our tour.

Many people ask us why we call her "She Hannibal". Well, our friend and benefactor introduced us to "Hannibal" and we liked her straight away. Although on our way to Paris several years ago we were ruminating on whether "Hannibal" was really a boy or a girl and we came to the conclusion that "Hannibal" was in fact a girl. She was beautiful, fun, could go for ever and had a fridge full of beer. She also has  air horns.

Hence "She Hannibal". Out of respect for our mate Arnd, we just couldn't change the name "Hannibal". So the compromise is "She Hannibal".

She has survived the Berlin winter where temperatures drop to -30 and now she is coming out of hibernation just as the spring shoots up and the birds are singing. She´s in the doctors for a checkup and once we give her a bit of tender loving care she´ll be ready to go in a few days.

We are still to announce our final dates but expect to see us somewhere on the road from Berlin to Newquay where we will be landing on the beach at Beachbreak live festival. More dates to be announced.

15 days till our time is up to raise 15,000 to print the next issue. All you have to do is order a copy. YOU WONT BE CHARGED IF WE DON'T RAISE ALL OF THE MONEY- THAT IS HOW KICKSTARTER WORKS.


15 days to go. We need your support. Lets get an issue 4 flying this summer.


We were given the amazing opportunity to take part in the 5th Year anniversary celebrations at the Luxembourg Museum of modern art; or MUDAM. Aside from making an exhibition of flying discs and presenting my photography portfolio we also had full access to the grounds and Museum to shoot a video. We wanted to follow up on our success of "Urban Disc invasion" with another belter where we bounce discs off walls, artwork, people and whatever inspires us or gets in our way- and the weekend saw a lot of inspiration indeed. We started the weekend warming up with the Luxembourg populous outside of the She Hannibal which was parked in the beautiful grounds of the Museum. Mudam is built on-top of fort Thüngen and cost over 100 Million to build. Even so the FSM crew got to climb all over the place and throw discs about, in our pursuit to make a great film. She Hannibal sat right in front of the fort on a stretch of grass overlooking the whole of the city and once we got the 7 inch records on the turntables and blasted out some Northern Soul music we felt very much at home. And it didn't stop there: the guys at MUDAM treated us like VIP´s. We had Anna Loporcaro taking care of our every need while Stina was on hand always with her cool and relaxed demeanor. In-fact all of the staff from catering to security to Museum Guides embraced us and made us feel like kings. This goes to show that the old anecdote is true about how atmosphere filters down from the top and at the top is Enrico Lunghi the Museum director who was open minded enough to welcome us in his Museum. I was very proud indeed to get recognition for the magazine from such prestigious people. Saturday saw the celebrations proper with an amazing line up of entertainment, free flowing champagne and tasty food. Many people came to relax on our She Hannibal carpet,sit on her rooftop terrace or just throw Discs around. The lads were great and we made a lot of friends that night. Inside the Museum hung over 100 discs from 1960 onwards with corresponding trivia and facts. Finally our sport is being recognized as an art form- something maintained by players since the 70´s. After much fun and laughter we retired to our grass behind the Museum to settle in and get ready for Sunday´s Frisbee action. Sunday morning saw glorious weather and a good turn out from the luxembourg people who brought picnics and blankets. I think on that day we brought many people into the sport- particularly kids -who enjoyed the workshops and games and girls who seemed to enjoy watching the lads play Frisbee! If you have not yet seen "Urban Disc invasion" then click HERE ...and watch out for the new video coming  soon!


PHOTOGRAPHS BY Anton Capellmann and Jason McGlade


We were asked to show FSM at Luxembourg´s premier concept store, Capsule. It was a great way to warm up for the Mudam Birthday weekend and meet some of the cities finest. When we rolled up in She Hannibal- melody horns twinkling and air horn blowing we certainly turned heads. It was a good start to our adventure and we met some great people but by eleven we had the she Hannibal already parked up on the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art and prepared for a great weekend of filming and fun.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R21GbZzoLo We have been invited to present FSM at the fifth anniversary of the MUDAM Luxembourg museum of modern art. We will once again make our frisbee disc and magazine exhibition and a party bang in the center of the city. The museum was so impressed by our last video that they have asked us to do our stuff inside the building-the ultimate marriage between Flying discs and art! More info will follow. Dates from 30th June till 4th July-

Roadtrip Final

Our destination was munich and we were keen to see what these fashion conscious germans would think of freestyle magazine and she hannibal. We had a date in a beer garden with tall beers and sour sauerkraut and so quickly found our parking spot and headed out on foot. muenchen_! Riding in style Muenchen_2 Rickshaw action muenchen_3 rocket store muenchen_4 freestyle cookie heart muenchen_5our mate Timo

I had heard that munich was very posh and swanky and so was curios to see how a couple of scruffy freestylers and a dirty dog would be welcomed by the Bavarians. We were meeting friends in a traditional munich beer garden and after walking in circles for many minutes we found the place and our friends who had laid out a beautiful table full of Bavarian specialities and big litre glasses of beer. Sandra was wearing traditional costume which to say the least certainly flatters the female form and had also baked us a freestyle magazine cookie heart.

muenchen_6 Soda Magazine Shop muenchen_7 jason and a bit of FS action muenchen_8cookie

muenchen_9 greg sells the first magazine of the day . 8am! muenchen_10 everyone loves She Hannibal After a great meal and only one attack from ozzy on an unsuspecting dog we headed for a bar to plan the next days movements. Firstly our good friend Thimo offered the use of his bicycle rickshaw so we could make a tour of all of the cool stores in Munich. Then our friends sandra told us that she had organized a spot for us to put she hannibal and make some promotion for the evening. The rickshaw action was great. With Greg at the wheel again, me , ozzy and Timo sat in the back with the magazines. Swanky munich loved fsm and we made a lot of friends that day and there are several places to pick up your copy now.

muenchen_11 new friends muenchen_13 delivery to wortwahl muenchen_12 jason in a photograph posted the wrong way around After a great day we headed back to she hannibal to prepare for the evening. We parked she hannibal in many contrasting places during the trip and I think Munich was exceptional in that it was the most "Eighties" place we have ever visited. Apart from having tonnes of money and fab cars, the Munchies also dressed to kill for a night out on the town. For them to see a 1976 camper van with a big pair of red lips on the side and an australian cattle dog sniffing around the place like a wild dingo right outside of Osmosis (one of the cities trendier clubs) was highly entertaining for them as well as puzzling because things like that just don´t happen in Bavaria. What they didn't understand though is that she hannibal is completely invisible to the authorities and un freestyle people. It´s so loud, big and bad that you just dont notice it particularly when blasting out the melody horn. Anyway it was a great night on the last stop of the FSM tour. Next day we visited the englisher gardens and met some super old school freestyle players. Lots of discs were in the air and a fast flowing river runs through the gigantic park and people bob along it to get cool. What an amazing frisbee jam site. It was hard for us to leave the park but Berlin was calling and with fond farewells to Munich we air horned our way all the way to the Autostrada.

muenchen_14 timo the legend who cooks a mean pasta and likes his cookies muenchen_15 bavarian woman- very nice muenchen_16 greg loves freestyle After a monumental drive from Greg catch we happily arrived home to the loving arms of our wives (otherwise known as "the wives team") and unpacked our beloved she hannibal while reflecting on what a great trip it was and how unbelievably shattered we were. Muenchen_16

Muenchen_17surfing on the river

Muenchen_18anna in the englisher garten


Remember though- the adventure is never over!

Trip Report Vol 8. “Hannibal & The Alps”

North. Berlin is calling and HQ needs us back to take care of business.But before business comes pleasure and adventure and She Hannibal needed to ride over the top of the alps again. We planned our trip and decided on Munich via Switzerland and St. Moritz.




We sailed north in the direction of Lecco and Lago di Como and within twenty minutes of leaving Milan the spectacular foot hills of the alps unrolled in front of us. Breathtaking views and crystal clear lakes were a feast for the eye. After so much city slicking Ozzy was ready to dive into nature and with bright eyes he sat next to me in his seat checking out the beautiful scenery. It was a lovely drive. As we climbed, the landscape became more dramatic and spectacular, with deep ravines and blue water. Along winding mountain roads we headed for St. Moritz.




We drove for hours but it seemed like minutes and as the sun began to dim we chose our campsite for the evening in a deep green valley with silver mountains touring over us. As we settled down to eat our dinner of Parma de proscuto and Mozzarella de buffalo the sound of bells rose from the valley as the swizz cows made their way home. Ozzy and i decided to check them out and as we got closer the bell ringing got louder until about ten cows were almost on top of us. As most of you will know Ozzy is an Australian cattle dog which means he works with cows in his natural environment but on this occasion he was more like an Australian chicken dog as he bolted down the hill back to his blanket next to Greg Catch and She Hannibal.




We got our heads down under the twinkling stars and awakened to misty mountain views and big steaming cups of coffee. Ozzy was up and keen to play Frisbee so we chucked out some long ones across the meadows and as he ran to catch it there was something in the way he ran that reminded me of running down the hill. We picked a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers for She Hannibal, took a lazy walk by the river, and were ready for the road again. Village after village went by and everyone got a blast of the melody horn. It wasn't until we were nearly into Munich when we noticed a peculiar thing: On one side of the road we had grumpy looks and snarly faces when giving people the horn, while on the other we were greeted with big smiles and waves. After some thought we realized why - it wasn't because Oz and I were sitting on the right and poor old Greg Catch was on the left but because on the right we had the big set of red lips stuck to the van donated by Mark Eley … People couldn’t resist smiling back at us when greeted with such a lovely big pair of smackers. Our destination was Munich and we were keen to see what these fashion conscious Germans would think of Freestyle Magazine and She Hannibal. We had a date in a beer garden with tall beers and sauerkraut and so quickly found our parking spot and headed out on foot.


Trip Report Vol 7. “Bella Milano”

MILANO! My old stomping ground. She Hannibal made it over the Alps, and with a huge temperature rise and sticky moisture in the air, we hit the streets! freestyle magazine_ euro tour_como_1

freestyle magazine_euro tour_ozzy_1

Our first appointment was with the Milano office for a lovely apperativo at Rita’s- our favourite bar. Then a rendezvous with two lovely ladies and a party to plan for the following. We have many friends in Milano. Because of the huge population of designers coupled with the fashion capital’s contingency we were interested to see who would turn up to meet us. In the same way as all of our gatherings, it was organized in a spontaneous and freestyle way, yet we got to party at a spectacular location on the Naviglio Grande: Parked outside Mag Café, next to the canal and right in the middle of the pedestrian area, we guaranted as many passing people as possible could check out the She Hannibal.

freestyle magazine_euro tour_party_1

freestyle magazine_euro tour_Party_4

Our Dj Mon C (Tutto Fatto) arrived and so did the people. We had many international visitors; a huge part being designers who had seen the magazine in the Milan Design Library or fashion industry professionals keen to check out our shoots and fashion reports. We were also very happy to see our good mates from RetroSuperFuture and PIG Magazine come along to see the magazine and share a cocktail. At one point the Z-machine was brought out and some freestyle action followed. Unfortunately though, myself and Greg Catch had too many drinks that night and managed to lose at-least one limited edition Eley Kishimoto Wham-o disc into the canal.


freestyle magazine_ euro tour_Party_7


It was a great night and the party went on until much later than expected. We had great feedback and made many new friends that evening. We stumbled home with a couple of lovely ladies and planned our next adventure where Greg and myself would part for a few days. Greg would be off to the Italian West Coast in She Hannibal with Leila, while I was travelling up North to Lake Orta with the spectacular Charlotte from Pearl Model Management for the wedding of our brilliant art director Massimo Cassini and his lovely, lovely fiancé Claire Northcott.

All in all we believe Milan certainly is a freestyle city in its own special way.

freestyle magazine_euro tour_Riviera_1

freestyle magazine_euro tour_Riviera_2

freestyle magazine_euro tour_wedding_1

Trip Report Vol 6. “On The Road Again”

It was smooth sailing the whole way. We arrived at Dover with our boat waiting and just as before we were the first to drive on - obviously they remembered She Hannibal from our crossing from France a few days earlier.
By the time we arrived in France it was quite late but Greg catch and She Hannibal still had some drive left in them and so we carried on until we were nearly half way to Paris. We crashed on the side of the road and got a few hours kip before headeding off again. We planned to do our business quickly and leave that very evening as our stay in London was a bit longer than expected and we had a rendezvous with a couple of hot chicks in Milano. Driving through the streets of Paris was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to like the Bus especially since we had added a new sticker - a big pair of red lips- oo la la! I went to Lazy Dog and Colette - the two best shops in Paris to deliver magazines (thanks Sam from WAD for hooking us up) and then the only thing left to do was to collect Ozzy's dog box from a vetenerian clinic on the outskirts of paris, deposited there from a previous adventure.
We got hopelessly lost, tired and hungry, and we decided to stop for the night. We started looking for a crash site but it proved difficult; She Hannibal is very beautiful although a little on the large side and has a very extravagant style. Eventually we found a nice spot by the side of the river underneath the Eiffel Tower, and got the dinner on and the Frisbee out.
We had a nice surprise when Raphael from "Spin Collective" came to visit. We didn't know but in France the Frisbee is called "Le Disc" and the Spin Collective take disc sport to another level.  They play Urban Frisbee - bouncing the disc around the streets, over rooftops, across train tracks etc. It was a good meeting and we said auvoir with a promise of making something together soon. We got our heads down. I slept outside and it was lucky Ozzy was there as he protected me from the thousands of rats scuttling around our bed. Next morning with clear heads we found Ozzy's dog box and headed south towards Geneva. The road was lovely. We watched the landscape change the further south we went and with a dutch soundtrack from Rueben and the Buutvrij boys (www.buutvrij.net) we cruised passed Geneva and found a cracking  spot by a glacial river under the magnificent Mont Blanche where we camped down and got the dinner on. Ozzy was happy to be finally in the nature and bounced around the place sniffing and looking for rabbits and foxes. The sun went down, its last rays hitting the top of the mountain and we fell into a happy and deep sleep thinking about our next adventure in Italy and our FSM apperitivo on Thursday night.

Trip Report Vol 5. “Streets of Brixton”

Refreshed and ready for the road we pilled into She Hannibal and with a blast of the air-horns we were off. We wanted to swing by Windsor Castle and see Her Royal Highness but we just didn't have the time as we had a street party to attend.
Greg sent her a text message and promised that we would be back soon to play Frisbee together. London was windy with big grey and black clouds rumbling around the sky - perfect for a street party. Mark and his neighbors had closed off the road and tables lined the middle of it full of food and drink. Across the streets hung bunting of red and white and there were many flags of different nations flying from upstairs windows. With the backdrop of Brixton prison it was a beautiful quintessential British scene.
With the addition of She Hannibal, parked right in the middle of the party, the picture was complete and it was time to party!  We unpacked the z-machine, the newly aquired deck chairs and hung the EK discs on the side of the bus. Immidiatly we were mobbed by kids all wanting to play on the z-machine and to touch Ozzy. People came and talked to us, bringing delicious food and Mark had an exceptionaly good scrumpy cider that we swigged down with ribbs and chicken. All of the neighbors wore name badges with the number of their house which was a great idea and meant that in the future peole could say hello to each other in the street. The last time they had a street party there to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Dianna many years before. It was a lovely day.
The highlight though was when Michael Jackson rose from the dead to make an impromptu performance on the roof of She Hannibal (see the previous video post). With big smiles and bellies full we headed out for dover where our boat awaited us to take us off this Island and into France.

Trip Report Vol 4. “Chill Out in Windsor”

After our London launch party we were happy and ready for the road but out of the blue we had an offer we couldn’t refuse: the chance to park She-Hannibal in the middle of a traditional street party on Sunday. The proposal was just too tempting to refuse and so we made our plans for an extended stay. I made more appointments in London to do the bla-bla and show FSM around, while Greg Catch stayed at Mark’s place to do his admin and Ozzy got to work on licking his bad foot from the injury he sustained when our fashion editor, Debbie La Touch, stood on it. He certainly looked a sorry site limping about, so a day on the sofa was definitely in order for the little Australian cattle dog. After so much PR and meetings I needed at least one night with my people, to hang with the kiddies and laugh a little. My little Bro Craig was landing that very evening from his world tour (see his monkey attack report in the blog) but we didn’t get to hook up that night and made plans for the next day.

After a lovely BBQ, Paul Stuart (see JJC Clark and EK shoots in FSM), myself and Ozzy took a nice bike ride through the beautiful “Great Park” in Windsor that ran from the back of the house. We each took a disc with us and planned a little frisbee golf course that took as through the gigantic and ancient Oak trees of the park. Greg Catch of course kicked our asses with some spectacular throws, while Paul seemed to enjoy himself and showed promise with some good Zs on his throws.

Ozzy loved the long grass and the smell of rabbits and bundled around the place while we played. He very much wanted to spin discs with us although after a couple of spectacular catches with his dog-disc I stopped throwing it as I was still a little worrying about his injury.

We headed home for tea and toast and after settling into Paul and Jasmines sofa we watched TV until falling fast asleep with dreams of tea cakes, bunting and street parties. What happened on Sunday? Well, have a look at the video and party !!!!