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Making Knots or "knotting" goes back to the very beginning of man itself. This ancient art of tying, looping and braiding has helped man through the ages in building, sailing, farming and even decorating.People should not rely on zip´s, pins or superglue to fasten things when a piece of rope and a bit of Knot Knowhow can do the job just the same without spending money or consuming the earths dwindling resources. Here are a few knots to try your hand with. Once you have mastered these then we urge you to explore further this fascinating world of knots.


The bowline is an exceptionally versatile knot. It This is a very Ancient Knot used to form a loop at the end of a fixed rope. Used in sailing this knot was discovered in the remains of the rigging of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cheops's solar ship during an excavation. It is widely considered as one of the most essential knots.

1.The rabbit hole.

2.Out comes the rabbit,

3.runs around the tree,

4.and hops back into its hole.

More knots tomorrow.

MyPaperSunglasses #2

MyPaperSunglasses runs off into its 2nd edition.The idea behind the project is simple: participants, artist of all fields, get a thick white paper, cut out in shape of cool shades for customization. The results are extraordinary: from kids-tinker-style over minimalist-handicraft-details until fantastic-oversized-creations every pair is unique and every pair is beautiful. Creative mind behind the project, Brazilian designer Otávio Santiago, explains: “..the sunglasses appear as panels, over which the artist propels his/her peculiar point of view, a very close one: a picture of him/herself that he/she always wanted to see, or, better, to exhibit.”

An outstanding and humorous project.

Exhibition of all new models photographed on their creators plus fashion editorial starts saturday.

06.07.11 // 4-9pm Cartel ZeroOnze, Rua Artur de Azevedo, 517 // Pinheiros // São Paulo

Garland Coo´s latest coup

“I am very intrigued by the next steps of this duo, may their passion to create persist.”The closure of my first post regards creative duo Garland Coo found its continuation, their latest coup, a Men’s collection. Loyal to their aesthetic and believes the result is breathtaking, dark and soulful. Take a presentiment of fine pattern work and crafted fabrics via those images. Can’t wait to touch the pieces!

L'Homme Armè

In occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2011, Freestyle Magazine’s very own Peter Oliver Davies will be exhibiting a selection of sculpture and sketch-work at Cerano Dodici, in the Tortona Design District.

12- 17th April 2011

C12, Via Cerano 12, 20144 Milan

Press & Inaugurazione: 6-10pm, Monday 11th April



Our Matthew Williamson Frisbee!

Our issue three disc is a Fastback 110gm Fb11 Wham-o Frisbee. It is hot-stamped with TWO foils-burnished copper and shiny black and the design is a vortex design by Matthew Williamson that has an optical illusion when spinning in a "counter clock" direction. It has a ring with our slogan "FreeStyleMagazine - for creative people who like to play".

Design in the Domestic Garden

For one week, from November 29th to December 4th, the eco bookshop Valcucine Milan will host "FATTI PER COLTIVARE".  An international exhibition, curated by designer Stefano Citi and Simone Simonelli, on the tools used in home gardening. A tribute to green creativity and love of plants, half way between design and sociological research.

Eco Bookshop Valcucine Corso Garibaldi, 99 Milano

Cocktail: November 29th

See: http://fattipercoltivare.wordpress.com/

Sponsored by Sustainable Monday, Network for greener cities: www.lunedisostenibili.org


Some of the boomerang models you can make

I was recently lucky enough to attend a Birthday Boomerang workshop here in Berlin. While my flying preference is usually of the roundround plastic kind I was intrigued to learn a bit about the boomerang and then actually get to build one. So a group of us went along to the Boomerang workshop housed in an old train turning station amongst other small art and craft studios doing stone work, carpentry, traditional long Bow building and other such disciplines.

Toby and Christian in deep conversation.

We met Christian Kliem who is the owner of Berliner Boomerang and he explained at length the interesting history and culture of the boomerang, how and what it was used for and we even learnt about some of the physics that make this curvy stick fly back to you. I was interested to learn that boomerangs were not just used in Australia for hunting but also they were used throughout Europe.

Ozzy is always happy to be photographed.

We then got to work on our boomerangs with Christian's guidance and after several hours of chopping, sawing, sanding , polishing and drinking beers we all ended up with a beautiful "Birkenspeerholz" Boomerang that we took to the park and test flew. Some flew better than others but we all had a lot of fun and it was a great way to celebrate a friends birthday. If you are interested to know more then check out Christian´s website.

Christian with some boomerangs.

Extra Space

Recently I made use of the latest models of Camper Together, a collaboration between the Majorcan Shoe brand and Bernhard Willhelm. The designs did not only give inspiration to me but to the Camper Extra Project.

From October 7th -21st Camper provides the cities of Berlin, Madrid and Milan with a space each that aims to be “the perfect platform for a celebratory meeting of art, design and no holds barred enjoyment.” The brand commissioned Dirk Bonn to create an installation for the Berlin space. Last Friday I had the pleasure to enjoy a great dinner cooked by Yorgos Sapountzis in the lovely company of some of my favourite colleagues in town. I am a little sad I missed the (overvisited) aerobic class the night before that everybody was talking about.

The complete program after the jump.

The cook eating one of the male models of Camper Together with Bernhard Willhelm.

Vivaio @ Cerano Dodici

During the Salone del Mobile week (14-18 April), CeranoDodici is hosting “Vivaio”, with interiors designed and realised by iArchitects, Custard Studio and Oliver Davies, who have fitted out their Studio to tell a design story with the help of Bencore, Margraf, Passoni Luigi Sedie, Woodco and other companies.

The idea is that of a space full of energy, inspired by the concept of a greenhouse that cultivates ideas and projects.

A metaphor to explain the essence of CeranoDodici, a creative hub in the centre of Zona Tortona, in which twelve diverse professional practices coexist to create project synergies bound by the same passion for creativity in its different forms.In this “Nursery”, iArchitects, Custard Studio and Oliver Davies successfully manage to make apparently unrelated businesses interact in full harmony in a design project within “Vivaio”.

Vivaio also means respect for our environment. In each phase of the project we have strived to emply sustainable or reusable materials, with a real effort to reduce waste as much as possible.

press preview: 13 aprile h.18 cocktail by invitation: 14 aprile h.18-23 opening hours: h.10-22

Download the Press Release here

TOY Made One

We want the rare and the unique, we like the stuff that´s difficult to get. Instead of going into a deep psychological analyze of why we want as much infrequency as possible in our lives lets just savour it in the perfect situation: TOY MADE ONE Toy is an independent business that works collaboratively with a hand picked selection of artists across product, motion, print and screen. Next Friday Toy celebrates its 1st year anniversary with an 6 hours lasting exhibition. For the special occasion they brought their favourite, un-shown art of last year from Manchester, UK to Berlins UNDPLUS Collab Room. Accompanied by Special Guest Djs´s “Stop Making Sense” we are definitely not going to miss this one.

The flyer design is a thrill of anticipation for my eyes!

February 26th, 4-10pm UNDPLUS Collab Room, Torstr. 66

CTM.10 / POWEr

Thursday evening saw the German premiere of POWEr by the Canadian duo Artificiel. The performance was held at KHW in cooperation with CTM.10. The audio-visual life show has been developed on commission for the 10th anniversary of Mutek festival in 2009. Assistance for users of pacemakers or people with epileptic tendencies is not suitable.

In the middle of the stage a black framed, rectangular on end screen. On its right a machine with metallic plate. Completely on the right hand, almost on the edge of view, the artists. Before that a seated audience. The machine is an audio-modulated Tesla coil used as an instrument. Electrical arcs are life generated by the executing artists and displayed (as deflexions) in image and sound.

The fine (noise) storytelling extended from the most organic, energizing beats accompanied by nature like drawings until the limit of the bearable, flustering fusillades of bangs, clicks and flashes. Dramaturgy was grippingly close to perfect and therewith impressive.


TM.10 / Opening

After Similarity is not Recommendation we headed to Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), a.k.a. the pregnant oyster, for the opening reception of transmediale.10. We first checked the installation in the main hall, looking like a space ship and made of the doors of an old bulding crafted during German Socialism in the city of Halle. Historic items find use to build a futuristic symbol (ok maybe i m a bit behind with receiving a space ship as futuristic in these days) during the limited present of the festival.

In the Auditorium we were welcomed with thoughts and words of Dr. Bernd Scherer (intendant HKW) Hortensia Völckers (artistic direction governmental culture foundation) Stephen Kovats, artistic director transmediale and Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke (artist & author, cofounder of ARS Electronica) regards the festivals topic FUTURITY NOW. From the increasing demand of Utopia during transitional times, over the necessity of acting after perception (rewrite past future codes and win participants) until objectivity (the possibility of configuration of future) meant as an invitation to assist the planned discussions around the theme until the next days. Afterwards we were invited outside, into the snowstorm, which was painting the city white and quiet since the early afternoon, to enjoy the concert of Charlemagne Palestine, together with the Global Rainbow Installation ”Switch On” by Yvette Mattern. The bell tower concert and the rainbow lacers drown straight horizontal into the night (from HKW to Alexander Platz) in combination with the snow made the experience especially gentle beside unique.


Later on the Exhibition Future Obscura inaugurated.  The works of various artists “explore the complex condition of futurity through the lens of image-making.”  Affectingly the piece Data.Tron of Ryoji Ikeda. A huge projection of computer data, between fainting and (as Alberto said) and wanting to jump into it to become parts as a number. We still did not had the chance to enter into the Optofonica Capsule that promises to create an encounter wit future via moving image and sound. We surely will do during the next days, exhibition is still open until 7.2.

TM.10 & CTM.10


Club Transmediale, Festival for Adventurous Music and related Visual Arts in Berlin opens its doors tonight at HAU The festivals 11th issue has the title OVERLAP - Sound & Other Media. Tomorrow night will see the Grand Opening Night on the new locations around Alexander Platz. Check program after the jump.

Transmediale,  festival of art and digital culture, starts on February 2nd under the topic FUTURITY NOW! Both finish on February, 7th. FSM will be reporting.


With the release of Apple's iPad yesterday, there is alot of talk about the future of magazines and how we consume them. Mag+, is a concept video on the future of digital magazines from BergLondon & Bonnier R&D.

But don't worry...until they make a computer that you can throw and catch between your legs, we're still going to use paper and plastic!