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FRISBEE ANYONE? Ok so the weather is shit but that doesn't stop my Berlin friends from playing. Anybody out there wanna hook up in London? Beginners particularly welcome. Lets spread the jam in the UK. Action will probably center around Victoria park that has recently been pimped due to the Olympics. If you cant make it but know some people who may want to play then point them towards me or Freestyle magazine FACEBOOK group. Jason

New team member.

We are happy to welcome our new team member Ben. Pope Benedict still has some obligations to the catholic church but will be starting in ernest with FSM in the role of the magazines spiritual advisor in a view to enlighten our readership and guide us through times of trouble and hardship.

WFDF Masters division Ultimte disc.

This championship ultimate frisbee disc was won by Team USA vs. Team Canada at the WFDF World Ultimate Championships in the Masters Division (for players over 33) on 8/8/08 in Vancouver Canada.  The core of team USA was composed of the legendary Open Mens Team Death or Glory (DoG) who won an unprecedented 6 straight US national titles from 1994 through 1999.

World Frisbee championship fastback.

1977 World Frisbee Championships disc. This was given to all of the people (20,000 people) who attended the 1977 competition at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena USA. The Rose bowl events happened during the peak of frisbee where players were flew in from all over the world to compete in Frisbee games from Distance to Ultimate and Dog disc. Old videos can be seen on youtube and play an important role as inspiration for FreeStyleMagazine. Join our Facebook group and show us your discs!


Whamm-o! Malibu 110 gm "Surfer" disc 1972. A relatively light disc from the discontinued 110 mold.Printed on an opaque rigid plastic in a very unusual yellow this disc kicks off our "disc of the day" feature. If you would like to include your own discs then feel free to post your pics and info on our facebook wall (FREESTYLEMAGAZINE GROUP) Another disc tomorrow.

How is your disc collection going?

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a well designed flying piece of plastic and here at FSM HQ we have quite a collection. Easy to hang with a single nail, a frisbee will bring instant color and design flair to your empty wall. As your collection grows you will see that a grouping of multi colored circular objects mounted closely together in your office or apartment will make an instant focal point for your guests to peruse upon. While should you get a sudden unexpected spurt of energy you can pull one off the wall and practice your chest rolls. FSM issue 1,2 and 3 all have beautifully designed wham-o discs by famous designers on quality plastic. They look great on the wall or on your chest! Have a look at them on our  website.


This weekend its the VICKY JAM.  The first frisbee get together at Victoria park, London. Situated next to the Olympic park this hot spot is guaranteed to be a big jam zone during the Summer. In preparation come down and learn some new tricks,throws and catches. We will also introduce some all new games like "Shot disc" for all of those who like to "hydrate " and play.

Bring some refreshments and dont forget – keep it stylish- see photos for style-tips.  Frisbees supplied.

special guests in attendance

The Invisible String World Premiere

The Invisible String Frisbee Documentary will premire in Berlin on the 22nd of April at the ACHTUNG BERLIN Filmfestval at prime time.... 20:00. This film will show you all the aspects of this unique object. Be quick and get your ticket today. The aftershow party is just steps away from the Babylon movie theatere at the "Grüner Salon". The Party starts at 22:30. For more Informations check the movie website: "THEINVISIBLESTRING.net"


Ashley first gained notoriety on August 4, 1974 when Stein, then a 19-year-old college student, smuggled him into Dodger Stadium during a nationally televised baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds. Stein jumped the fence and went onto the baseball field with Ashley, where he threw discs for the dog to catch. The crowd was in awe at Ashley's disc-catching ability, as he ran up to 35 miles per hour and leaped 9 feet in the air to snag the Frisbees.The stunt was so novel that the game was stopped and Joe Garagiola continued to announce the flying disc action on the field. Finally, after eight minutes, Stein was escorted off the field and arrested.The nationally televised exhibition of Ashley's skill did much to fuel interest in the disc dog sport. Check out our Issue three DOG DISC from Matthew Williamson.