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It´s Ozzy´s birthday. We have been together now for 10 years. In that time we have probably been apart for two months in total. He´s lived in three different countries, visited France, Albania, Hungary, Greece, Italy and 10 other countries. He´s been photographed  and featured in 4 different fashion magazines and appeared in numerous videos. He´s traveled in planes trains and automobiles as-well as canoes, three wheeler cars and bike trailers. He has friends of all ages and from all over the world. He´s had three different mams but only one nana. He once caught a cat but never killed it although he did once kill a mouse. He never did get a fox. he plied his trade by snapping at the heals of a big herd of young bulls and on the noses of stubborn cows. He chased bikes, kids, Hoovers and generally anything moving fast and low down. He chased many a frisbee although never became the super star frisbee dog I always wanted although he is the ONLY urban disc dog in the WORLD. He´s probably tried every kind of food in the world and never once had to pay unless of course it was with a roll or back jump.

We´ve walked together through snow rain and on the burning rocks of the high mountains.  Along windy beaches and through dark forests. He´s sat close to me as I cried and sat in the corner when I had seizures.

We´ve moved through cities together like shadows or flew through the streets  He never judges me but only turns a mirror to me so I can see my own anger and stupidity and pulls me from my self pity. If you see him and he doesn't know you he will say hello and may even lick your ankle but he will not entertain fools and certainly wont respond to coochy coo.

He´s only a dog you might say but such a noble and determined creature there has never been and all of the people who have met him in the world will testify to this. He is now the King. And if you dont agree then come and see him because he still walks strong and chases foxes. Sit with him for a while and look at his battle scared nose and wise face and I am sure you will agree with me  Ozzy is now a king, a king of dogs that walks with man and is still only ten.