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We are back to our beloved Berlin to get the guys together and "She Hannibal" ready for our tour.

Many people ask us why we call her "She Hannibal". Well, our friend and benefactor introduced us to "Hannibal" and we liked her straight away. Although on our way to Paris several years ago we were ruminating on whether "Hannibal" was really a boy or a girl and we came to the conclusion that "Hannibal" was in fact a girl. She was beautiful, fun, could go for ever and had a fridge full of beer. She also has  air horns.

Hence "She Hannibal". Out of respect for our mate Arnd, we just couldn't change the name "Hannibal". So the compromise is "She Hannibal".

She has survived the Berlin winter where temperatures drop to -30 and now she is coming out of hibernation just as the spring shoots up and the birds are singing. She´s in the doctors for a checkup and once we give her a bit of tender loving care she´ll be ready to go in a few days.

We are still to announce our final dates but expect to see us somewhere on the road from Berlin to Newquay where we will be landing on the beach at Beachbreak live festival. More dates to be announced.

15 days till our time is up to raise 15,000 to print the next issue. All you have to do is order a copy. YOU WONT BE CHARGED IF WE DON'T RAISE ALL OF THE MONEY- THAT IS HOW KICKSTARTER WORKS.


15 days to go. We need your support. Lets get an issue 4 flying this summer.