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As part of our campaign to generate funds through our kickstarter project, here is another post this time featuring some of our best fashion shoots from the three issues. Please support the magazine and order an issue 4. You can also pledge for other items like our FSM mini discs or even a frisbee workshop.


"Speedies" Issue 2. Photography by jason McGlade

"ALEXIS" FSM 2. Photographs by Uli Weber.

"YUMMY MUMMY". ISSUE 1. Photography by jason McGlade.

"ALEXIS" FSM 2. Photographs by Uli Weber.

"Fade in" Issue 2. Photography Jodi Jones

"Bambi" FSM 3. Photograps by Daniel Hermy

"Burlesque Beauty" Issue 3. Photographs by Sayaka Maruyama

"Russian doll" Issue 1. Photographs by Jason Mclade

"Elektropatra" ISSUE 03. Photography by Jonny Storey

“ALEXIS” FSM 2. Photographs by Uli Weber.

"Happy night waschen" Issue 3. Photographs by jason McGlade

"Young indian summer" Issue 3. Photography by jason Lee parry.

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