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We are planning a new issue of FreeStyle Magazine. Inspired by new technology and the rise of the smart phone an idea came to me for a new issue and so I have prepared a pitch with a crowd-funding platform called Kickstarter in order to generate the funds to bring the project to life. They have given me 40 days to generate the required funds to produce the magazine. That means I have to make pre-sales of 500 magazines or more.

FSM 4 will still be round in shape and it will fit inside of a wham-o! frisbee disc. Like our previous discs designed by such high profile freestylers as Eley Kishimoto, Paul Smith and Matthew Williamson we will be collaborating once again with a designer to make a truly outstanding frisbee to play with this summer. And the magazine will hold lots of surprises that will get your smartphone doing overdrive.......

So if you are a fan of print, and want to get your hands on FSM 4 then pre-order your copy and help stop the death bells ringing to pronounce the end of printed magazines!

Alternatively if you are a fan of plastic then get one- its fantastic. Or if you are a tech head then get out your phone as print aint dead.

Follow this link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/661574105/freestylemagazine-issue-4 It will take you to the KS page. Please share it with like minded people, post it on your facebook and help us with our campaign.

We will be launching the 40 day campaign forthwith which will be in the form of FSM blog entries that will reflect the content of the next issue, featuring articles, videos, interviews on a range of subjects from new media technology, to magic tricks, how to train a pig, fashion design and new technologies, analogue vs digital, book restoration, illustration, monkey tennis and of course all of your frisbee action, lessons, tips and vintage footage. We will kick off the week with a look at past features from our three issues followed by a feature about the legend that is Scott Starr- action sports photographer and skate, surf and snowboard historian. We are not sure when monkey tennis will be but we´ll endeavor to get that in before the end of the forty days.

Monty python love spam but we don´t, so if you are not interested in reading any of our articles or features then write back to jason@freestyemagazine.couk with the heading " I am a miserable tit- take me off your mailing list"

If you are interested then i promise not to bombard you - we will probably be publishing no more than 10 articles.

You can also join us on FACEBOOK (group freestylemagazine) AND TWITTER (magfreestyle)

Please spread the word, show the vid and send the link, tell people about the round magazine that fits inside of a frisbee and help us to get this thing flying!

All the best Jason

Editor and Creative director