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Making Knots or "knotting" goes back to the very beginning of man itself. This ancient art of tying, looping and braiding has helped man through the ages in building, sailing, farming and even decorating.People should not rely on zip´s, pins or superglue to fasten things when a piece of rope and a bit of Knot Knowhow can do the job just the same without spending money or consuming the earths dwindling resources. Here are a few knots to try your hand with. Once you have mastered these then we urge you to explore further this fascinating world of knots.


The bowline is an exceptionally versatile knot. It This is a very Ancient Knot used to form a loop at the end of a fixed rope. Used in sailing this knot was discovered in the remains of the rigging of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cheops's solar ship during an excavation. It is widely considered as one of the most essential knots.

1.The rabbit hole.

2.Out comes the rabbit,

3.runs around the tree,

4.and hops back into its hole.

More knots tomorrow.