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During the last several months "walking the dog" has seen Ozzy travelling through Europe to settle in a small  town in the far south of Italy. He resided in a fine apartment just a Frisbee throw away from the main piazza. He took daily forays into the wider community to explore and  meet  people while his human worked away with his camera. Together they made a big impact on the local human community as well as the wild and feral dog community. For the first time in his life Ozzy had a small pack of his own, earned through dominance and tenacity (and a few holes in him as well as  fleas). He put on lots of weight after being fed biscuits regularly from Salvatore the owner of the local Bar and cow spines sporadically from the chef from the local restaurant. Him and his owner rode around or walked about this magical corner of Europe where people knew his name and shouted out greetings.
They set up a small photography school in the old market hall with a darkroom, teaching some local youths how to shoot, develop films and print black and white photographs. Their work will culminate in an exhibition at the end of the year and an invitation to the community to come and see pictures of their friends family and town. He also produced a fashion editorial for an English magazine- you can see it here.
The bulk of this work will now form the second chapter of "walking the dog"
The next adventure will take Ozzy and his human through eastern Europe and the Balkans making a stop in Budapest then heading south through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and then over the water and back to Italy to prepare the exhibition of their students work.
Following this the adventure continues.
Thankyou to all who have contributed ideas and given support to the project. If anybody would like to get involved in the next leg of the adventure then we are thinking either east from Puglia into Greece and Turkey or west into Algiers, Moroco and then into Spain, France and the UK.
You are invited to befriend Ozzy on facebook and we hope you will follow his adventure as it unfolds.
“Walking the dog” is a project by FSM Editor in Chief and creative director Jason McGlade. It is a photographic Odyssey following his dog and best friend Ozzy around the world to endeavor to understand himself and the world in which we live in. Their exploits will be serialized on our blog. Tune in again for more adventures. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.
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