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Ja, Hier!

Most Kids like to do collages. It is an intense way of learning to express your thoughts, feelings and doubts of experienced situations. The process of selection, cut, overlay and stick together is highly entertaining; plus one re-experiences. At best the results are beautiful. Most grown ups stopped doing collages somewhere between braces and university. Luckily 28 years old, Berlin based Janica Hieronimi did not. Ja Hier creates virtual art work in form of high standard prints. The mood of her personal narration ranges from clinical coldness until fluffy and hippie-esque, always maintaing an arc of suspense.

After a kick-off in Travemünde earlier this year tomorrow sees the Vernissage of her second solo exhibition in her hometown Hamburg.

Friday, October 14th // 8:30pm Makrele Bar // Talstraße 29, Hamburg