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KAS#08 / Remember To Forget

The return of Kairobi Art Sound to FSM - 'Remember to Forget' an oneiric selection of music...

In his own words: "...a trip through a grey-blue forest punctuated by red lights. A passage of music that transports you from the present moment to a different place." KAS 2011


KAS#08-2011 // Rember To Forget

  1. Alice Coltrane / Blue Nile
  2. Sacha Silva / Things Fall Apart
  3. Jean Michel Jarre / Magnetic Fields Part 3
  4. Daft Punk / Make Love
  5. Dust Brothers / Who Is Tyler Durden?
  6. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester / Rej
  7. Massive Attack / Atlas Air (Goldsworthy Remix)
  8. Paul Kalkbrenner / Queer Fellow - Original Mix
  9. S.Maharba / Something In The Way She Moves
  10. Nu Yorican Soul / I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)
  11. Galactic Funk  / Dj Spooky_terranova
  12. Dani Siciliano / Remember To Forget