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Fashionistas and the iconaclastic plastic

I was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week recently along with FSM fashion editor Deborah La Touche and Photographer and new addition to the team- Asia Werbel. I have been to many shows and fashion weeks around the world but this was the first time I went along as a publisher of a round magazine in a Frisbee. What a laugh! The fashion set are renowned for being ...... but words were at a loss to these savvy set when presented with such a thing. I made a point to always have at least one magazine under my arm at any one time and it was amazing how much attention our little round manifesto attracted. There were camp exclamations of "ooo I luuurve that pink Frisbee" and when i sat down in the press lounge many people came over to ask about FSM.

If there was incredulism at first it was quickly dispelled when the people had a close look at the magazine-the printing quality,photography and of course our pro frisbee. They quickly understood that our magazine is not about plastic but more about fantastic.

To prime myself for the week ahead of me I had some quality down to earth action with family and friends, donned my three piece suit and hat and jumped off into the deep end of fashion week London. Meeting up with the FSM team at the central LFW tent at the beautiful Somerset House we planned our busy week of shows and parties. The fashion shows are spread around London in different venues and Somerset House dating from 1776 acts as the central location to the proceedings. A large tent complete with a catwalk, backstage area, Photographers lounge and Press lounge is erected in the central courtyard area and i quickly understood that this was the best place to hang out for maximum FreeStyleMagazine promotion (and coffee, sandwiches, porridge, soup, energy drinks and a haircut courtesy of Toni&Guy) There i met a lot of great people like Christopher and the 55TV crew who came to be my partners in crime as the week unfolded. (check out my interview here )

There was a lot of posing and side glances as people struggled to be noticed or nonchalantly ignored the attention. Every night after a grounding pint of Guinness in the pub it was off to a party to join the fashion elite. FSM plus 55tv equals access all areas and we certainly made the most of it getting backstage and going to all of the swanky (some would say "wanky" parties). Aside from tom foolery though, we made some serious business meeting the elite of the Russian fashion industry and spending some time with some of our home grown talent and freeStyleMagazine collaborators Matthew Williamson and Sir Paul Smith. The latter being particularly enjoyable as is the case whenever i meet up with Sir Paul.

Out of all of the shows I went to backstage at Paul Smith was relaxed, jovial and intimate. With the beautiful and prestigious Savoy Hotel as the venue it served as an immaculate canvas for Paul Smith to create another one of his inspirational works.

With beautiful clothes on beautiful models the show dazzled me. I organized delivery of 100 Paul Smith issue two magazines that I distributed backstage and to some of his more prestigious guests as they were leaving. It was a joy to see these industry professionals enjoying FSM and even putting the Frisbee to good use as makeup trays! His whole team made me feel welcome which goes to show that in a company the attitude always trickles down from the top. So if the staff are kind then you can expect the boss to be kind also and vice versa. After a busy week of chin wagging I was ready to get back to the refuge that is Berlin. Being in London made me realize just how different the lifestyle is between the two cities. I will always maintain that Berlin really is the coolest city in the world. It is a constant inspiration to be here and I could never have made even one issue of FreeStyleMagazine- let alone three. You get to be an "artist" by having the luxury of cheap living costs paired with being immersed in a pool of creative energy. You can meet a film producer in Berlin and on the same day a lion tamer. It is a city that never fails to amaze me. The other side of the coin is that by being here you are not "in the game". It´s easy to be inside this Berlin bubble but if you are not careful you will look up after ten years and see that you are still the struggling artist. So London is calling. I think it may be time to go home-to get in the game again and perhaps become one of those lucky people who can keep one foot in Berlin and one foot in the game.