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Micro_MUTEK.ES 2011 from Mutek Spain on Vimeo.

Just on time when fashion week is yesterdays snow and the end of Transmediale fully exposes us to warmish rain there is a new data in the schedule, which saves us from suffering grey boredom. MICRO_MUTEK.ES Purling elocution? YES. Ignorance of sunny Berlinale? YES. Yet another festival in Barcelona? NO!

Mutek is a non-profit organization “dedicated to the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music, and audio-visual art.” The yearly mother festival was born in 2000 its base is Montreal. Applying the fact and need of constant MUtation overall makes the organizations nature particularly interesting and its dynamic unique: record label Musique Risquee, show cases, tours and, actual subject, (one of) the international editions of the festival, being Spain the youngest sister. 2010s, rather small, first edition and several Soirées throughout the past year featuring artist of the grade of Dave Aju, Akufen and Nicholas Jaar called the interest to this year’s venue from February 9th-11th. Loyal to its philosophy the festivals program shows the right balance between cutting edge artists that already reached international reputation and local talents, last point being uncommon, especially in Barcelona therewith smart and strongly expected by the audience. The festival has three sections: Q&A is a series of afternoon presentations and interviews, admission is free. A/Visions spotlights audiovisual performance and for the night Soirée Mutek brings outrageous artists including Frivolous, Ikonika, Isolée, Actress, Dixon and more to Moog and Nitsa Club. Check the complete program.

Beside looking forward to presence the upcoming days and the festivals evolution I am hoping for one of those small style trends that use to come up and die with the duration of a festival. Just remind the I-wear-my-woollen-beanie-as-a-jelly-bag-cap-with-geometrical-forms movement of last years Transmediale, hilarious. Stay tuned.