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Hands on Frisbee, Ears for Music

Multi-talent Sick Girls Jay-Ho and Alex are taking over the world!

Or almost: journalists, festival organizers and curators, DJs, producers, bookers, from China to Europe and the USA; name it, they’ve done it and have been there. These two Berlin clubs’ heroines started DJing together at the iconic Tresor club in 2004 more for fun than anything else, but their groundbreaking style got more and more adepts until the DJ team could no longer deny they had become a core member of the new German club music scene. Today, after the success encountered in festivals and on dance-floors, the Sick Girls have decided to release what they call a music collage: a mix of tracks they love and their own tracks too, and a tribute to the Beatles’ Revolution 9 illustrating their own view of modern music History and the fifth revolution coming in after the four previous revolutions of Disco, Hip-Hop, Techno and D’n’B. Personally I call it the perfect soundtrack to a hot bass party whether you’re into techno, D’n’B or Hip-Hop. As for future projects, look out for their second mix CD to be released on the prestigious BBE Records label and their special stage at the Splash! Festival… and the god of music knows what else.

Available now: Revolution N°5 Sick Tricks and Urban Bass

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Text: Nadia Sayegh