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Some of the boomerang models you can make

I was recently lucky enough to attend a Birthday Boomerang workshop here in Berlin. While my flying preference is usually of the roundround plastic kind I was intrigued to learn a bit about the boomerang and then actually get to build one. So a group of us went along to the Boomerang workshop housed in an old train turning station amongst other small art and craft studios doing stone work, carpentry, traditional long Bow building and other such disciplines.

Toby and Christian in deep conversation.

We met Christian Kliem who is the owner of Berliner Boomerang and he explained at length the interesting history and culture of the boomerang, how and what it was used for and we even learnt about some of the physics that make this curvy stick fly back to you. I was interested to learn that boomerangs were not just used in Australia for hunting but also they were used throughout Europe.

Ozzy is always happy to be photographed.

We then got to work on our boomerangs with Christian's guidance and after several hours of chopping, sawing, sanding , polishing and drinking beers we all ended up with a beautiful "Birkenspeerholz" Boomerang that we took to the park and test flew. Some flew better than others but we all had a lot of fun and it was a great way to celebrate a friends birthday. If you are interested to know more then check out Christian´s website.

Christian with some boomerangs.