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Get A Life

Submitted by Arkan Zakharov

Images create thoughts and feelings, in a different way than words do; even if both tell the same story. If I read about hungry children it makes me sad, if I see a picture of undernourished children it might make me cry and I m going to have this image in my head for a few days at least. Now this is quite an explicit example but what about more abstract images? Our imagination is jolted and each person finds their very own interpretation. The other way around with words, reading about something our mind and subconscious constantly generate images based on experiences, so called knowledge, projections and dreams. To change the order of watching/reading reading/watching can make an interesting difference in our conclusion, unfortunately it is not possible to exercise both ways on the same example.

This was a very short process of thinking, after thinking you should take a position and after having a position you should take action. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee Jeans aim to encourage interaction and individuality, for this they provide you with an online platform to speak up. 100 Days of Active Resistance shows an image per day selected among your submissions.

Today is #37 so there are still 63 days left for all of you.

“The principle idea of Active Resistance is that you get out of life what you put in and that real experience of the world involves thinking” – Vivienne Westwood.

All images shown in this post have a text/theme/slogan. You will have the time of a few clicks to feel and think about them, besides the preconceived ideas by naming who submitted, until you read it in the gallery.

Submitted by Susie Bubble, Style Bubble

Submitted by Alister Mackie,  AnOther Men