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Black Eyewear

Black Eyewear is a retro collection of sunglasses and glasses inspired by 1940s, 50s and 60s African and American jazz. The names of the glasses recall the idols of jazz music such as John Coltrane, Benny Goodman and Theolonius Monk. Perfect round circles or butterfly shapes, classic black and fancy colors or animal prints: the variety of frames available is huge and great.

The collection is designed by Robert Roope, an old school optician with a passion for jazz music and eyewear design. At 14 years of age he was following the be-bop scene of 50‘s London, going to clubs like the legendary Soho’s Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club. In the 60’s he worked as an assistant optician, where he experienced the evolution of eyewear, thanks to the influence of celebrities like John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne, from badge of disability to fashion accessory.

After many years of traveling around the world, he estabilished his own studio in 1979 in City of St. Albans, near London. The optical laboratory is a small family business, where in the 90‘s he created his own eyewear line that he sold via  internet.