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Life, Blood, Passion

Earlier this year some images of the spring summer collection of new label Garland Coo captured my attention. Intriguingly dark, tribal and mysterious beauty harmonizing in a contrasting context of archaic, elementary power and refined luxury.

The creative duo of fashion designer Jasmin Isabel Eckerle and artist Marcel Singer picked me up on a corner, still muddy of snow, a few weeks later. Her appearance is diva like; very sharp, very black cloth, on very high heels; perfect make up and hair styling with a 50ies influence. On a first glance he seems to almost drawn in the realm of her shades. In a soft tone with strong southern German accent they accompanied me into the complex world of Garland Coo.

They describe their collection as “as an analogy of their cultural and natural heritage.“  Deep rooted in south German culture their native landscape, the Black Forest, is the origin and endless source of inspiration. The concept of Freigeist and the stylistic icons of Heimat are taken into an actual society, breaking the expected trash, to procure their absolute values such as honesty, reliability and reason.

To call the avant-garde collection a result would ignore the completeness of their profound artistic and social research, which is didactic, surprising and wonderful.

Spiritual studio.

Force of nature. Forest decline after hurricane Lothar in 1999.

Savage sclerosis of fabrics – buried silk to be taken out after.

Hardened fabrics.

Symbol Capricorn. Furs lent by hunters, not processed.

Symbol Bollen (woollen pompoms), black for married women, red for unmarried women.

Black forrest cake.

I am very intrigued by the next steps of this duo, may their passion to create persist.