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Nausea & Happyness - Innen Stadt Außen

Olafur Elaisson´s first solo exhibition in Berlin `Innen Stadt Außen´ attracted me since it first has been announced. The long lines in front of the Martin Gropius Bau during the last weeks kept me from going earlier.The artist grew up in Iceland and studied at Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademie. In 1994 he moved to Berlin, since 2006 he teaches at UDK. He explores human perception, inviting us to inspect how our actions influence on so called reality. As curator Daniel Birnbaum explains, “to a certain extent you produce the work, but in turn you as a person are produced by the environments the artist constructs.” It doesn’t seem to be coincidence that we meet at Kottbusser Tor to experience the trip until getting to the exhibition. Eliasson´s work unites photography, sculpture, installation and film; he makes use of light, shadow, colour, fog and reflexion. The slow construction of this show gets us into a world of mental and physical emotions, stipulating all our senses: compass to the cities pavement passing contorted specula into multicoloured jumping jack projections of us. A big model of hundreds of pieces made of paper, wood metal and fabric, filming screened on some, a little bird in that cosmos. Preparation to fall into the huge announcement of the “outside”, which is inside, under the day lightened roof. Shivers down the spine. In between the Kottbusser Tor mirror van filming – a queasy feeling. Another look – nausea. A view outside the window into a field of whispering grass. Relieving circulations of white pureness and spectra next to the excitingly attractive dark sister of sparklers and Tesla. Final climax in a closed space, diving into the tunnel of colours, becoming part of the spectrum, from red into green, from blue to yellow, one step back all white, two steps forward slightly lilac. We jump trough the first parts of the exhibit again and back into the city where other bits and pieces pop up temporary and link everything into the big picture. Happiness in our hearts and smiling faces.

Until August 9th @ Martin Gropius Bau // Niederkirchnerstraße 7 // 10963 Berlin