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KAS / My Psychedelic House (Red Room)

Introducing Kairobi Art Sound (KAS), FreeStyle Magazine's new official Podcaster.  Here for your listening pleasure, my first selection for the blog, entitled 'My Psychedelic House (Red Room)', a smooth blend of 60's and 70's American Bootlegs. Stay tuned for a huge selection of well researched music, as well as part two of this mix ('The Blue Room') and any other colours that may cascade from the psychedelic kaleidoscope.



  1. John Kay and The Sparrow - The Pusher
  2. Dino Valente - Me and My Uncle
  3. David Santo - Rising of Scorpio
  4. Country Joe and The Fish - Death Sound
  5. Jefferson Airplain - If You Feel
  6. Marcus Uzilevsky - Grains of Sand
  7. Quicksilver Messnger Service - Gold and Silver
  8. Rob Hoeke Rhytm and Blues Group - Drinking on my Bed
  9. Roy Harper - All You Need Is What You Have
  10. She - Satan’s Angel
  11. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Shifting Sands
  12. Jefferson Airplain - Lather
  13. Leaves - Codine
  14. Bear - What Difference
  15. Love - Alone Again Or
  16. III Wind - People Of The Night
  17. Hoyt Axton - The Pusher