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Accurate Splish Splash

Niki Pilkington belongs to the group of people I call Free Style. Her point of views are strongly displayed in her way of working and – of course- the results. She is not afraid of new tasks, of the tough process of trial and error but gives fulltime dedication to creative challenges. She is the kind of girl that “shies away from her favourite technique (felt tip drawing) to improve others.” Not without a reason the 23 years young illustrators pieces generated some roll of drums back at FSM headquarters/offices and already has been nominated for several English awards during the past years.

Her unique style is yet diverse. I am a special fan of her Biro drawings, their clean easiness reminds me of day dreaming back in high school but better. Niki adjusts technique to topic and happily leaves her “comfort zone (paper!!) ... to improve or develop her illustrations through the way of display.“ Projects like Scale Series and Projections interfere with urban environment. What is eye candy to the spectator is nourishment to the artist. As Niki explains “it's vital to keep adapting what she does to where she is, because she doesn't want her work to become stale. She doesn't want people to visit her website and be like 'that's pretty much the same but with a different face'.“

FSM asked Niki to explain her actual favourite project:

Archetypal Welsh is a series of illustrations, based on Wales and the Welsh language. I've recently moved from central London where I was based for nearly four years, back to my studio in a very rural part of North Wales. The move has made me realise the vast diversity between the two places, and it's inspired me to start playing around with the things I see and hear everyday now. I spent so long illustrating the people I saw in London, so why not do something similar here, but focus it around my own heritage and upbringing? Being a Welsh speaker, it was important to me that I focused on the language itself as well as the people, because it is one that is dying out - so this was my own attempt to try to bring some of it alive for a little while.”

For issue two we commissioned Niki for the drawings of our new contributor section. Watch out for some accurate pencil pieces completed with delightful colour splish splash.