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FSM Baltic Sun Prayer Session

Disc-sports are recently seeing a gigantic resurgence in interest and right at the top of this wave are the Berlin Jammers and our Prague friends. We have decided to host our very own Beach event on the shores of the Baltic Sea on June 11th-13th. The FreeStyle Magazine "Baltic Sun Prayer Session" will be the first Frisbee tournament of it´s kind!

We have secured an incredible location on a beautiful stretch of beach where we can jam as well as swim, party and build fires. Directly behind the beach is a campsite with places for tents and if you are in the mood to splash out there are affordable bungalows available.

Alongside our Freestyle Frisbee tournament there will be classic Frisbee games such as MTA, Golf, Double Trouble, Accuracy and more.

If you wanna try surfing our partner Kulasurf can help you.

Our Berlin Hoola Hoop friends are in attendance and some top level DJ´s will play the finest tunes to you from top of our beloved She Hannibal. We will all feast on our specially prepared BBQ.

Through FreeStyle Magazine and its related events we spread the Jam, bringing Frisbee to creative people who like to play. With a big promotion in Rostock we will invite the local people to join us, watch us play and most importantly to TAKE PART. There will be workshops and demos and a "Funny Disc Golf" game to introduce the sport to the general public. At FSM we are putting our heads together to think about new and unusual games we could play. Suggestions from Jammers are welcome.

Keep an eye out for further updates on Baltic Sun Prayer Session.

The sun rises in the east.