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TOY Made One

We want the rare and the unique, we like the stuff that´s difficult to get. Instead of going into a deep psychological analyze of why we want as much infrequency as possible in our lives lets just savour it in the perfect situation: TOY MADE ONE Toy is an independent business that works collaboratively with a hand picked selection of artists across product, motion, print and screen. Next Friday Toy celebrates its 1st year anniversary with an 6 hours lasting exhibition. For the special occasion they brought their favourite, un-shown art of last year from Manchester, UK to Berlins UNDPLUS Collab Room. Accompanied by Special Guest Djs´s “Stop Making Sense” we are definitely not going to miss this one.

The flyer design is a thrill of anticipation for my eyes!

February 26th, 4-10pm UNDPLUS Collab Room, Torstr. 66