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Prague Frisbeer Tournament

Last weekend saw the fabulous Frisbeer Freestyle Frisbee Tournament where players from around the world met up in the cold Eastern European city of Prague. The city was cold but the Czech people are so warm and welcoming that you forget how cold you are. This mid-winter tournament is in its third year and the guys showed again how to make an indoor Frisbee tournament. Aside from displaying amazing Frisbee skills, players also demonstrated impressive drinking skills in order to keep their bodies hydrated from the physical exertion.

Frisbeer happened in a very imposing Communist Gymnasium, full of winding staircases and long disorientating corridors. Players were happy to win copies of Freestyle Magazine and some beautiful SUPER sunglasses kindly provided by our friends at Retrosuperfuture along with their trophies and other goodies. All players enjoyed this winter distraction and are now feeling ready for some outside Frisbee action!

Well done to all winners and players.