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CTM.10 / POWEr

Thursday evening saw the German premiere of POWEr by the Canadian duo Artificiel. The performance was held at KHW in cooperation with CTM.10. The audio-visual life show has been developed on commission for the 10th anniversary of Mutek festival in 2009. Assistance for users of pacemakers or people with epileptic tendencies is not suitable.

In the middle of the stage a black framed, rectangular on end screen. On its right a machine with metallic plate. Completely on the right hand, almost on the edge of view, the artists. Before that a seated audience. The machine is an audio-modulated Tesla coil used as an instrument. Electrical arcs are life generated by the executing artists and displayed (as deflexions) in image and sound.

The fine (noise) storytelling extended from the most organic, energizing beats accompanied by nature like drawings until the limit of the bearable, flustering fusillades of bangs, clicks and flashes. Dramaturgy was grippingly close to perfect and therewith impressive.