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TM.10 / Opening

After Similarity is not Recommendation we headed to Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), a.k.a. the pregnant oyster, for the opening reception of transmediale.10. We first checked the installation in the main hall, looking like a space ship and made of the doors of an old bulding crafted during German Socialism in the city of Halle. Historic items find use to build a futuristic symbol (ok maybe i m a bit behind with receiving a space ship as futuristic in these days) during the limited present of the festival.

In the Auditorium we were welcomed with thoughts and words of Dr. Bernd Scherer (intendant HKW) Hortensia Völckers (artistic direction governmental culture foundation) Stephen Kovats, artistic director transmediale and Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke (artist & author, cofounder of ARS Electronica) regards the festivals topic FUTURITY NOW. From the increasing demand of Utopia during transitional times, over the necessity of acting after perception (rewrite past future codes and win participants) until objectivity (the possibility of configuration of future) meant as an invitation to assist the planned discussions around the theme until the next days. Afterwards we were invited outside, into the snowstorm, which was painting the city white and quiet since the early afternoon, to enjoy the concert of Charlemagne Palestine, together with the Global Rainbow Installation ”Switch On” by Yvette Mattern. The bell tower concert and the rainbow lacers drown straight horizontal into the night (from HKW to Alexander Platz) in combination with the snow made the experience especially gentle beside unique.


Later on the Exhibition Future Obscura inaugurated.  The works of various artists “explore the complex condition of futurity through the lens of image-making.”  Affectingly the piece Data.Tron of Ryoji Ikeda. A huge projection of computer data, between fainting and (as Alberto said) and wanting to jump into it to become parts as a number. We still did not had the chance to enter into the Optofonica Capsule that promises to create an encounter wit future via moving image and sound. We surely will do during the next days, exhibition is still open until 7.2.