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CTM.10 / Open Broadcast

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Luckily we arrived to the last bit of the Open Broadcast lecture in the frame of Club Transmediale at .HBC. The presentation of the Swiss software with the aim to create user generated music programs, with a background of culture and science. Invited members share their music archives (songs/records and additional information).  A conventional radio editor needs about 3,5 years to set up a music archive of 50.000 songs, with Open Broadcast an editor could do an archive of 7.000 songs in 7 hours.

The members adopt roles (depending on their knowledge and experience) such as editor, music archive, etc. and work under a schedule. To create 1 year of Open Broadcast 24/7 approximated 5.000 members have to work once per month each.

The difference to similar software is the editing part, the creation of dramaturgy, that requests a creative process, by users. As one of the fathers of the project said: “if a song is poem, a play-list is a short story.”