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London College of Fashion MA Show 2010

This years LCF MA show had an interesting mix of flamboyant, bright collections and exquisitely structured tailoring, with a generous amount of roadkill and fur thrown in. The widely varying design styles made for a very interesting MA show and showcased an exciting array of mens and womenswear designers to keep your eye out for in the future. The Collection of the Year Award, presented by the Chairman of the British Fashion Council, Harold Tillman, went to Sven Hoppe, whose futuristic take on classic tailoring made for a memorable eye-catching menswear collection.

LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 328

Here is a selection of the MA designers, first up is the wonderfully named Merve Tuna, who gets the prize for most controversial collection, as she sent models adorned in what can only be described as roadkill down the runway:

Merve_Tuna_LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 176 (10)

Sophie Condie also referenced the animal kingdom with feathers and bone inspired head pieces:

1Sophie_Condie_LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 274 (15)

So Ra Kim seemingly set her collection in disco 3000 as peaches, blues and silvers combined to create this otherwordly collection, which was perfectly complimented by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa plastic shoes:

So_Ra_Kim_LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 126 (17)

Soo Youn Seo treated us to the most extreme form of colour blocking, but when you only have a few minutes to impress a room of fashion journalists, impact is best:

Soo_Youn_Seo_LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 044 (4)

A live version of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' set the tone for Hasan Hajezi's pop-tacular collection that wouldn't look out of place on Lady Gaga:

Hasan_Hejazi_LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 214 (12)

The metallic palette of Jin Joo Ma's designs mixed 1940's-esque tailoring with generous amounts of glitter to create an old meets new clash, cumulating in a sophisticated and striking collection:

Jin_Joo_Ma_LCF_MA_Show_London_January_2010 138 (6)

Pictures by Tilly Pearman.