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Let's discuss.. Degustibus!

A weekend in Berlin... so many parties, too many choices! However this wasn't the case last Saturday, FSM's choice was Degustibus at Tape of course! The floor-filling threesome of DJs Spiller, Rubini and Toondra hit up the dance floor with a wild mix of disco, house and deep house that got our booties shakin' and our hips swaying.

Freestyle Magazine_Degustibus

Freestyle Magaze_degustibusmusic

All three DJ's were exceptional and really got the crowd into the party spirit with their infectious tunes and fabulous mixing technique.

Of course a party isn't really a party without She-Hannibal and the Freestyle team so we were there in full force to show our appreciation of the infamous Degustibus trio.

Freestyle Magazine_degustibus3

Freestyle Magazine_Degustibus@tape

Freestyle Magazine_Degustibus

The club was filled with fun-loving party people and it was an amazing night for everyone there, especially as there seemed to be love in the air!

Freestyle Magazine_Degustibus6

Freestyle Magazine_Degustibus

Freestyle Magazine_Degustibus

For those of you unlucky enough not to make it this time, there will be another un-missable party coming soon, and for those of you who were there, I hope you will have recovered in time to make the next one!