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Haute-couture Halloween!

Love it or hate it, Halloween is slowly creeping up on us yet again!If you're anything like me, in need of a push when it comes to dressing up as a cheesy witch, ghost or skeleton year after year then have no fear! Here is our guide to the sassiest, classiest way of dressing up in style this Halloween.

If dark and mysterious is your thing, try channelling goth warrior a la Gareth Pugh. His unorthodox and eccentric designs are perfect for the more adventurous dresser among us.

Freestyle Magazine_gareth pugh

Although his designs are not always the most practical for everyday wear, they are certainly a perfect fit for any fashionista out trick-or-treating this Halloween!

If you're usual Halloween style is more gorgeous than Gothic, then take a look at these angelic dresses from Elie Saab's Fall 2009 collection.

Freestyle Magazine_elie saab

Finish the look with some ornately decorated  wings and soft white eye make up, et voila! The perfect  fairy princess!

If Fantasy is your fortay, these inspiring designs by Alexander McQueen will most likely be your outfit of choice.

Freestyle Magazine_alexander mcqueen

The gorgeous prints and soft, floating fabric make these dresses perfect for any budding fairy-tale princess! Take inspiration from the off-beat hair styling to add a "queen of the galaxy" style twist to your outfit whilst at the same time still remaining exquisitly well-dressed and prepared for any occaision, not just Halloween!

Hopefully this will have inspired you all, but most of all have fun and be creative!