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Dream Hunters

Poppy puppets Blue and Joy were born in 2004 out of the teamed up minds of Roman, Daniele Sigalot and Milanese, Fabio La Fauci. Under the title “The Discouraging Adventures of Blue and Joy” they were spread in form of a comic book.

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With an audience that didn’t find them too discouraging they soon jumped onto the canvas, and even became 3 dimensional in fibreglass in several exhibitions around Europe. The puppets became so popular that their former advertising fathers decided to abandon the commercial sector in 2007 for fulltime dedication. People call them dreamers, creators of fun and laughter.  I ´d rather call them teachers, calling our attention to small worldly wisdoms. Wisdoms of those we all know and experience. They encourage us to take a second look from a different point of view and when we do, it seemed so obvious.

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photography: Jason McGlade

You should take the time to see their latest work and 15th exhibition entitled “Dream Hunters” (am I solitary with my teacher interpretation?).

October, 15th-24th Salvatore Ferragamo 24 Old Bondstreet, West One, London

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"Saudade" - Blue's dog - illustrated in this image made of 35.000 Salvatore Ferragamo buttons sprayed black, white and red, is an incredible and huge piece that took them well over a month to complete!

Watch out for their "Barber Shop" and "Viva Lucha Libre" series.

And as all good teachers do, they animate us to learn by giving us a chance to CREATE! our own characters on their website.  Find MYSELF below...

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