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Shock The World

CASIO - G-SHOCK gets you dancing with Lady Sovereign as well as exhibiting their best G-Shock models of the current collection and collector items. Tic Tack, Tic Tack, Tic; Casio’s G-Shock is causing exciting noise with their Shock the World Tour 2009. Passing through NYC, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai among others with artists like Mark Ronson, Russell Simmons (Run DMC), Kimberly Stewart, Dizzee Rascal and Kanye West the tour will finish in our beloved Berlin.

Beside a couple of Berlin Highlights as Berlin Battery (DJ Shir Khan, Jack Tennis und DJ Supermarkt) und Bugati Force, G-Shock will bring Lady Sovereign to town.

freestyle magazine_Lady Sovereign

The acclaimed MC of Grime Scene is the current darling of names with the magnitude of Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Basement Jaxx, Beastie Boys und Gwen Stefani. Don´t miss the Show of the self-proclaimed „biggest midget in the game“ on November 4th, 9pm at Admirals Palast, Berlin.

The clock is ticking so "watch" out to be on time!


All you have to do to WIN a pair is top with creativity our THINGS TO DO WITH A FRISBEE:

1. Throw it. 2. Catch it! 3. [Repeat procedure 1.+ 2.] 4. Plate 5. Skin up on it. 6. Salver for champagne (all who attended - pearl studios 'dive into the ocean' party - knows)! 7. Use it for winter sports. 8. Defend yourself from a monkey attack with it (my brother really did). 9.  Birds bath. 10. Make a hole, put a lace, use as accessory 11. Feed the dog off it. 12. Play "I can’t see them so they can’t see me" with it. 13. Shelter from the rain with it. 14. Use it to pat (-?!) some ones booty. 15. Mime Charlie Chaplin with it. 16. Fan the flames of a campfire/BBQ with it. 17. Douse a light with it (although that’s kind of aggressive :s). 18. Use it as a hat. 19. Fry an egg in the hot hot hot Aussie sun in it !!! 21. BBQ sausage plate.

Leave your idea with a correct e-mail contact and number in sequence (starting with 22.) until October 31st.

You will be notified via email if you win a pair of tickets.

The best submission will get a super cool G-Shock watch on top (see picture below).


Participants must be 18 years or older.