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Screw U! Closing

freestyle magazine_screw u Twisting to the right, three times, one more, with the crossed screwdriver, a drop of vodka more please, yeah, fixed. Suddenly this sound spins you out of the thread, four turns and on the fifth it catapults you over the acoustic axis directly in front of a stage in the middle of a dance floor. This sound mobiles your feet, makes you dance, up and down, back and force, surrounded by projections and fine designed structures, some flooded with light. You dance until you just can’t move anymore: Congratulations you just got SCREWED for the first time!

Screw U! came up in 2006 in Barcelona. The conceptual party links video, high-level graphics, skilled set design and fine elaborated electronic music, a must for detail lovers. Its residency in prestigious Moog Club and multiple „Off Sonar“ presentations leaded the event to be guest in the most important cities of Europe and South America. Soon Scroogie, smart toy art, was born and following the journey, his travel evidences made me laugh to tears more than once.

After 3 years and more than 40 international artists the creators and resident DJs Nerone and Pi 3.14 decided to finalise the project and open their minds to new horizons, of course not without a LAST BIG BLAST!

People in Barcelona you better get your dancing shoes shining cause it is TONIGHT:


Nerone & Pi 3.14 share stage with some of their favourite artists!

Gonna miss my last Screw U! dance and your interactive invites in my inbox. Rock it!