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Milan Fashion Week - Victoria Bartlett & VPL

Victoria Bartlett’s show “a candid look at the anatomical fascination of a visible panty line” was held in a private view on Sunday at the Dopolavoro Gallery.

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Known for her acclaimed career as a stylist and for her underwear inspired designs, the idea of VPL (Visible Panty Line) started in Fall 2003 with the simple concept of drawing the innerwear out, resulting in a vision to design a capsule collection and bridge the gap between lingerie and sportswear. Deeply fascinated by the body and anatomical studies, dance and movement Victoria has since collaborated with many artists, most of who delivered work to the VPL retrospective.

The show was not just about clothes but more a dialogue with VPL in different mediums - photography, film, sculpture - and featured work by Steven Klein and Collier Schorr who contributed pieces from their archives along with new work by Mark Borthwick, Jack Pierson and Jessica Metrani among others.

Freestyle Magazine Victoria Bartlett VPL 2

There was also a live performance, showing one-of-a-kind showpieces from her collection for Spring/Summer 2010 called “the Atlas of Anatomy”, based on fourteenth century diagrams and a summary of VPL since the launch in 2003.

Freestyle Magazine Victoria Bartlett VPL 3

words and pictures: Martina Dabac