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Milan Fashion Week - Sergio Rossi/Puma

Inspired by the 80’s and Graffiti street art, Italian luxury label Sergio Rossi reinterpreted the iconic PUMA Clyde sneaker for Spring/Summer 2010. Originally a tailor made design worn by basketball legend Wall “Clyde” Frazier in the 70’s, Rossi made a sleek and ultra-contemporary adaptation of this classic shoe called “First Round”.  Available in a high-heeled version and in the colours “Whisper” White, “Deep” Purple, ”Burst” Orange, “Kamikaze” Green and “Noir” Black.

Freestyle Magazine Segio Rossi Puma 1

Graffiti Anaconda, a leather sneaker with a flashy graphic design might be one of the season’s hottest items. Again available in bold, evocative hues, inspired by the color palette during the emergence of graffiti in New York almost thirty years ago.

Freestyle Magazine Segio Rossi Puma 2

Other than that Sergio Rossi presented his Spring/Summer 2010 collection entitled “Metamorphosis”.  Creative Director Francesco Russo takes us into a dreamlike fantastic animal world where structures fade and colors become material - a pure play of straps, curves and subtle curls re-define the ankle. Materials and colors overlap in a subtle chromatic play and bright saturated shades contrast with muted tones.

Freestyle Magazine Sergio Rossi 1

Freestyle Magazine Sergio Rossi 2

words and pictures: Martina Dabac